Scarborough Throws Tantrum Over Critics Blasting Tainted Town Halls

October 16th, 2020 6:08 PM

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday, co-host Joe Scarborough had harsh words for anyone who dared to criticize his left-wing media buddies who moderated town hall events with President Trump and Joe Biden. After predictably lauding Biden’s performance on ABC, as well as NBC anchor Savannah Guthrie’s relentless attacks on Trump Thursday night, Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire mentioned that “people” were less than satisfied with the Today show co-host's partisan performance.Joe Scarborough mocks Rush Limbaugh

“Willie, I just -- the whiners,” Scarborough himself whined. “You get on, and they’re such whiners in constant search of victimhood. It’s so funny. You have so many people, anti-anti-Trump people who always attack woke culture for looking for victimhood status.” As if NBC’s unabashed double standard of treatment of the two presidential candidates were somehow not worthy of criticism, he continued his childish tantrum: “They go around every day, try — they’re such snowflakes…constantly, constantly looking for victimhood status.” Apparently, the millions of Americans who criticize the leftist media conglomerate aren't allowed to speak out. 

Scarborough managed to twist the public’s frustration into some kind of psychoanalysis of Trump and (for some reason) Rush Limbaugh. “It’s always unfair. It’s always stacked against us,” he exclaimed in a crying tone, mocking Limbaugh. Then, he continued: “[W]ait, two white guys that are like worth billions of dollars, one President of the United States, one the top right wing talk — and they’re victims?”

Predictably, co-host Willie Geist proved himself to be equally out-of-touch:

Of course, and for a group that likes to accuse everyone else of being snowflakes, there were a lot of snowflakes falling last night on behalf — of President Trump. Go back and think about three times, and forgive me if I’m leaving anyone out, these three recent interviews where he’s actually been pushed by journalists: Savannah Guthrie, Jonathan Swan, Christopher Wallace. The complaints afterwards when reasonable, fact-based questions were asked, and the interviewer pursued follow-ups to nail him down to get a real answer on it, all three of them were accused of being out to get Donald Trump. It's just the way they operate.

One thing is for sure -- if former VP Biden were “pushed” by journalists and they tried to “nail him down”, his supporters would be just as critical. But honestly, no candidate should be treated as unfairly as President Trump has been by belligerent journalists. Maybe if Scarborough weren’t part of the arrogant leftist media, he would understand that the American people are the victims of slanted television programming that gives them little useful information.

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Read the transcript below:

Morning Joe


7:12:00 AM

JONATHAN LEMIRE: In terms of the president, people I have talked to around him last night and a few texts early this morning suggested once again a real anger at the media. The blaming the scapegoat, in this case, Savannah Guthrie who I thought did a terrific job yesterday. But just like they did in the aftermath of the debate with Chris Wallace, they suggested that it was unfair. The- you know- that first debate it was two-on-one, Biden and Wallace vs. Trump—

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Oh my God, what whiners.

LEMIRE: -yesterday, they deemed it unfair with Savannah Cruthrie. That's true. So – but, I will say this- they do know that there- some moments last night may have been damaging. The refusal to denounce Qanon. The very test he won to when he finally got around to denouncing white supremacy. There’s certainly going to be questions about tax returns and whether or not he took a COVID test before the last debate. And I’ll end on that for now. Several times yesterday the president said, he dodged, he evaded, and he raised real questions as to whether or not he may have exposed Joe Biden last time, which is going to raise more concerns about next week when they are supposed to set up for a final debate next Thursday. When the president frankly is running of out of time. It’s hard to imagine, even his aides concede, that even- that there was any moment last night, the president swung voters his way, when he’s simply running out of time and opportunities to change the trajectory of this race. 

SCARBOROUGH: Willie, I just- the whiners. You get on, and they're such whiners in constant search of victimhood. It’s so funny. You have so many people, anti-anti-Trump people who always attack woke culture for looking for victimhood status. They go around every day, try-- they're such snowflakes… constantly, constantly looking for victimhood status. It’s like when -- if you believe him, billionaire Donald Trump was talking to multi, multi, multi-millionaire Rush Limbaugh and Rush Limbaugh said ‘It's always unfair. It's always stacked against us,’ and you just sit there, wait, two white guys that are like worth billions of dollars, one President of the United States, one the top right wing talk -- and they're very victims? It's really crazy. I wonder what was Savannah Guthrie supposed to do when Donald Trump said that he wouldn't answer whether he believed -- believed in the conspiracy theory about cannibals like running a pedophilia ring in the federal government. I don't care who -- if Joe Biden said that, they would have hammered him forever. So the whining coming the-- please. The questions he didn't answer, the bizarre responses, the fact that he said he didn't remember the last time he tested negative for COVID before his positive test. The fact that – the guy, the biggest hypochondriac to ever sit in the White House said, ‘oh, I'm not sure what my lung x-ray said, I knew. I know it was abnormal, but I don't know, I don't ask those questions.’ It's just one lie after another. If it were Joe Biden lying through his teeth like that, if it were any candidate lying through their teeth like that, there would be those questions and those follow-ups. 

WILLIE GEIST: Of course, and for a group that likes to accuse everyone else of being snowflakes, there were a lot of snowflakes falling last night on behalf—

SCARBOROUGH: Such snowflakes.

GEIST: -of President Trump. Go back and think about three times, and forgive me if I’m leaving anyone out, these three recent interviews where he’s actually been pushed by journalists: Savannah Guthrie, Jonathan Swan, Christopher Wallace. The complaints afterwards when reasonable, fact-based questions were asked, and the interviewer pursued follow-ups to nail him down to get a real answer on it, all three of them were accused of being out to get Donald Trump. It's just the way they operate.