Silent in the Face of Obama’s Apologies, Lemon Bemoans Trump Failure in ‘Defending America’

July 7th, 2017 2:54 PM

On Thursday, President Trump delivered a rousing defense of Western civilization in Poland and the West's history of confronting existential threats to international liberty. Such a speech gained the admiration of Reaganites and the venom of the perpetually outraged, but CNN Tonight host Don Lemon had one sole focus: Trump’s comments on CNN’s self-beclowning that he gave in response to a question he received on the subject by a reporter.

Late Thursday, Lemon was irate that the President of the United States would air the dirty laundry, as it were, of domestic disputes in the presence of the global community. Further, Lemon decried what he called Trump’s failure to “defend America” on the global stage:

“Back to my original question, wasn’t this — shouldn’t the president be there on foreign soil defending the United States, defending a free press instead of taking something that is local here to the United States and bringing it across the shore to foreign soil and having all of our allies and our enemies being able to see what kind of controversy we’re having here? Shouldn’t he be defending America and the press?”

One wonders- does Lemon’s unabashed patriotism extend to berating a President who literally went on an international tour, denying the uniqueness of the American experiment and apologizing to despots and thug-ocracies the world over for incidents of American intolerance? The answer is no, of course, because he works for CNN, who carried water on this subject (among others) for President Obama.

Leaving aside the merit of Lemon’s claims about the remark, the double-standard by CNN is breathtaking.