Feminist Lawyer Gloria Allred: Talk Radio is Full of Gender and Race Discrimination

May 19th, 2014 6:06 PM

Liberal feminist lawyer Gloria Allred appeared on the Newsmax program the Steve Malzberg Show on Monday, May 19 to discuss a variety of topics including equal pay for women in the workforce.

During the interview, Allred asserted that “It’s clear there’s a lot of discrimination in talk radio against females and sometimes on account of race as well.” [See video below.]

After being pressed by Malzberg to explain, Allred responded: “If you look at the majority of talk radio hosts in this country they are white males and there’s no disputing those facts...Well you think it’s just a coincidence? You think the females don’t have any talent for talk radio or that African Americans or Latinos don’t have any ability to be radio talk show hosts?”

Malzberg shot back: “So Cumulus is discriminating on purpose? And Premier and Clear Channel, all those entities are discriminating and that’s what they don’t have more females or blacks?”

The liberal lawyer attempted to defend her claim by asserting “Well I’m not going to name any particular radio talk show networks, but I’m saying, you tell me, why is it dominated by white males? You tell me.” 

Earlier in the segment, Allred insisted that “A lot of women employees would like to be able to know what the men earn so they can know whether or not they’re being discriminated against. But, if that, what they earn is being hidden, it’s hard to make a case for gender discrimination.” 

The back-and forth concluded with the Newsmax host arguing: 

But Gloria, I don’t know what my colleagues, the other talk show hosts on this network earn. Why should I? I mean that’s ridiculous...It’s none of anybody’s business what I make. I don’t want anybody knowing what I make unless I tell them, unless I work for the government or unless I’m an athlete or something who chooses to make his contract negotiations public. What business is it of anybody to know what I make?