Kudlow Calls Tea Parties Bullish for Economy: 'Don't Believe the Mainstream Media'

September 16th, 2010 10:46 AM

The Media Research Center isn't the only ones out there telling folks to be wary of the media and its coverage of the Tea Party movement. 

On his Sept. 15 broadcast, Larry Kudlow, host of CNBC's "The Kudlow Report," hit that point. Referring to "Tea Party" primary win in Delaware, New York and New Hampshire, Kudlow explained that this shift to the right was a net-positive for the economy.

"Tonight, free-market capitalism on the comeback trail," Kudlow said. "That is one of the messages of the Tea Party power. We saw a lot of that power last night in the primaries. I tell you what folks, that Tea Party power, that free-market capitalist power is so totally bullish for the stock market."

Kudlow advised his viewers to be skeptical of the media, which has covered the Tea Party movement and their candidates very critically, even sometimes disparagingly. He cited the "Contract FROM America," a document put forth by various conservative organizations calling on elected leaders and political candidates to stand on a number of conservative principles.

"Don't believe the mainstream media," he continued. "Don't believe the pundits in either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. They don't understand Tea Parties. I do. We've had them on this show time and time again as guests, including, including their referendum, the ‘Contract FROM America.'" 

The CNBC host has his own 12-step program for the economy.  He maintains that, if successful, the limitations the Tea Party philosophy would put on government are the best way to get back to an economy rooted in free-market principles.

"They are talking free markets - lower spending, lower taxing, lower regulations, even constitutional limits to government, and you heard me talk about this last week in my free market 12-step plan for prosperity," Kudlow said. "The rise of the Tea Party people - they are going to win the vast majority of those Senate races and we are going it see a sea change in American policies back to freedom and entrepreneurship, and that is bullish."