Newsweek Callously Trumpets: 'You Can Now Bet' On Melania Dumping President Trump

October 19th, 2017 11:11 PM

On Thursday, Newsweek published an absolutely uncaring article speculating if First Lady Melania Trump will leave her husband aka President Trump.

Breaking news and education writer Beatrice Dupuy's piece was enitled, “Is Melania Leaving President Trump? After Body Double Rumors, You Can Now Bet On It” and wrote that, using the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, it's now “25 percent more likely" Melania will dump The Donald. In addition, that same bookmaker claimed in July that there is a 60 percent chance Trump will be impeached.

Paddy Power has been known to entice rumors and conspiracies. For instance, it once placed a 16-1 odds that the President's family would move from Washington to Splitsville. A spokesman for the company said in a release: “It looks like a case of Donald Dumped, if the conspiracy theorists are anything to go by.”

Less than a week ago, the "Doublegate" incident included questions about Melania's height, hair, nose, and sunglasses.

Despite The Washington Post dismantling the rumors, too many lefties and members of The Resistance remained convinced otherwise. To her credit, Dupuy noted this lunacy: "[T]he hashtag #MelaniaBodyDouble continued to trend on Wednesday with users claiming that the first lady’s body double was the Terminator, her bodyguard or mouthy lead Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler."

She added that "[t]he bookmaker will also pay out 33/1 if the President confirms the body double rumor, and has made it an 8/1 shot that Melania Trump takes up with another man during the first term."

Later, she concluded with tasteless snarkiness: "The smart money is always on the house, but all bets are off with this White House."

Put simply, this article was a textbook case of what journalistic garbage looks like and something that would never have been published during the Obama years. Pathetically, a number of people will share this Newsweek piece and cheer for the First Family to divorce.