'Morning Joe' Defends UK Ambassador Who Lashed Out at Trump

July 9th, 2019 11:47 PM

In the latest example of liberals in the media fawning over foreign officials who criticize President Trump, the media has spent the last few days dedicating their coverage to the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch. In leaked diplomatic cables, the ambassador described the Trump administration as “dysfunctional, clumsy, and inept,” leading to him being disinvited to a dinner for the Emir of Qatar held at the Treasury Department on Monday and a fiery response from the President on Twitter.


Never resisting a line of attack on the President, Morning Joe went right to defending the U.K. Ambassador, even attempting to portray him as a victim. On a Tuesday, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson led this line of defense by saying that nothing Darroch said was untrue and that he is a “victim of politics in London”:

WILLIE GEIST: Kraft aside, Gene Robinson, let's go back to the ambassador, someone who most people privately would tell you in the Trump Administration that they like, that they enjoy going to the ambassador's residence and spending time with.

EUGENE ROBINSON: They sure do spend a lot of time over there so it is certainly not a unanimous view in the Trump Administration that he is a “wacky guy” or anything like that. In fact, he's a very smart man who wrote extremely candid cables to his government as ambassadors are supposed to do, trying to analyze and help them understand Donald Trump and the Trump administration. And, you know, if you're a journalist and heaven forbid you get sued for libel, you can't be guilty of libel if what you say is true. So there was nothing libelous — it was certainly defamatory what he put in those memos but there was nothing untrue about it. He is the victim of politics in London. And those cables got leaked. Some machinations about the incoming prime minister and Brexit and Boris Johnson and all of that. Who knows exactly how that worked. But that is what happened to Kim Darroch. He won't be here long, I'm sure, but we will miss him in Washington. He's been a -- I think he's been an effective and an honest ambassador for the United Kingdom.

Whether it’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, or Ambassador Darroch, we can always expect any foreign official critical of the President to become an instant liberal media darling.