Journalists EXPLOIT January 6 to Push Dems ‘Voting Rights’ Agenda

January 11th, 2022 9:00 AM

The January 6 one-year anniversary came and went and STILL to this day the media are exploiting the Capitol Hill riots as a way to push the Democrat’s agenda on everything, especially their desire to federalize elections. 

In the run-up to the January 6 anniversary, liberal journalists, hosts and pundits employed hyperbolic language equating that day to Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust and 9/11 as they gravely warned that Republicans must be stopped before they tear “apart our democracy.” 

The following are just some of the most atrocious examples of the leftist media exploiting the Capitol Hill riot anniversary in just the last few weeks: 


GOP “Slowly Tearing Apart Our Democracy” 



“Republican voters, they’re very interested in just trying to find people who are loyal to Trump brand who are going to try to find a way to change the voting laws in this country to make sure that Republicans win rather than earning the vote, they’re essentially trying to make sure that they can just ensure, they can install people and that is the way that democracies die….America needs to understand that this is a January 6th that’s happening every single day on the local level that is slowly tearing apart our democracy.”
— MSNBC contributor Yamiche Alcindor on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, January 4.


Equating January 6 Riots to 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust 



“We have film footage of what happened on January 6, we have proof. Dwight Eisenhower, during World War II made sure all the Holocaust camps were filmed. So, we’ve got the film footage….My worry is what do we call this and make sure we honor this day, this dark stained day every year. So, we gotta keep saying January 6. I think it is like December 7 Pearl Harbor, it is like the 9/11 tragedy.” 
— MSNBC historian Douglas Brinkley on MSNBC’s Craig Melvin Reports, January 6. 


Biden Speech Comparable to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address



“Joe Biden needed to deliver a powerful statement about democracy today. This was FDR after Pearl Harbor. This is Lyndon Johnson after Selma. This is George W. Bush after 9/11….Think about Lincoln at Gettysburg….That’s the kind of speech that Biden had to make today. We’re at a crossroads in our country. There was no certainty after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, that we would defeat tyranny. There was no certainty after 9/11 that there wouldn’t be another attack. You have to tell America and the world what America stands for….Joe Biden did that today and in order to do that, he did something that he didn’t want to have to do. He took on a former President [Donald Trump].”
— ABC News presidential historian Mark Updegrove on ABC News Live Channel coverage of President Joe Biden’s speech on the one year anniversary of the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol Building riots. 


Willfully Ignoring All the Damage Done By ANTIFA/BLM Protests

“There’s only one political party that I’m aware of, the Republican Party that’s been leading the effort to undermine the rule of law and to undermine the right to vote….In this effort to seem bipartisan he [Attorney General Merrick Garland] engaged in some bogus both sider-ism when it’s really only one political party in this country that’s trying to limit the right to vote and only one political party that’s been defending the people who rioted on January 6th.”
— CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on CNN Newsroom, January 5. 


MSNBC Fearmongers: “Voting Rights In Jeopardy”

“This is an opportunity for the President to really get back to what was the core issue of his 2020 presidential campaign, the idea of the soul of America being at stake here. This is a moment with voting rights really in jeopardy.”
— MSNBC White House correspondent Mike Memoli on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, January 3. 


No More “Democracy” In “Our Lifetimes” 



“Our democracy is in jeopardy this year. If we have voting laws change in these [Republican-controlled] states so that some partisan can overrule the will of the voters and say, “We’re gonna install someone in office who we claim was elected, we know he really wasn’t,” then the power of the ballot and of elections is gone and the fundamental cornerstone of democracy is gone. And we will not have a democracy, possibly, for our lifetimes.”
— NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, January 7. 


Republicans Have “Slid Down the Toilet” On Voting Rights

“If you had gone back to Republicans in 2015 and told them what Republicans would be doing in 2021, they would be shocked. And so this is a party that has slid down the toilet. I don’t know how else to say it….The Republicans are trying to restrict voting. Given the history of our country, that reeks. That just reeks.”
New York Times columnist David Brooks on PBS NewsHour, December 31.  


Demanding Dem Protection Against GOP Effort to “Cheat”



“Everything the Republicans are doing, whether it’s not properly protecting you against COVID, whether it’s not properly protecting you against insurrection, whether it’s not properly protecting you against tyranny, whether it’s not properly protecting you against voting rights [sic]. There seems to be this kind of real opportunity for the Democrats to say, ‘We are here to protect every aspect of your life, including your health and including democracy, and everything in between.’...The Republicans have figured something out, that the more free we are, the more people are allowed to vote, the more people of color that are allowed to vote, they can’t win elections anymore….The only way they can win now is prevention or lying….There’s no answer other than, ‘Let’s not play fair, let’s cheat, let’s block.’”
— MSNBC contributor/former advertising executive Donny Deutsch on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, January 10. 


GOP “Targeting African-American Voters” with “Surgical Precision” In a “Slow January 6th” 



“There are states, including North Carolina, that were accused of targeting African-American voters, in particular, with surgical precision….We’ve seen so many GOP lawmakers across the country moving to changing the voting laws in this country. It’s something that people say is really a slow January 6th, sort of wiping away and chipping away at the democratic norms in this country.”
— PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, December 16.


A GOP 2022 Midterm Win = “End of Democracy” 

“First and foremost, you have to name something for what it is. You can’t treat the GOP as a responsible political party because it isn’t. I call them a radical, weaponized death cult....Every single day drumbeat from now to the mid-terms to tell people exactly what the Republican party is, the majority of them believe this, and that right now the elected officials right now in office are doing the deed of President Trump by spreading the big lie. This is not a minority. This is the entire GOP right now that is committed to the big lie and has become radicalized and if they take over in 2022 that is the end of democracy and we’re going to have authoritarianism.”
— Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali on MSNBC’s American Voices With Alicia Menendez January 2.




Anti-Biden Joke = “Cry of Insurrectionists”



“‘Let’s go Brandon!’ isn’t about what you feel about supply chain issues and gas. It is the cry of insurrectionists. It is the cry of people who want to violently take over this country and oppress anyone who is not like them. And that’s what makes this dangerous.”
— MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, December 27.


How They Really Feel About Gun Owners at the NY Times



“Hi, I’m a journalist with The New York Times. I’m just calling to wonder. I have two questions. How do you sleep at night? And aren’t you just a bit worried that there might be a hell? And when you meet God, He will send you there? That’s just my only question. The third question, the only people politicizing this seems to be you because you’re the only people I got a f—ing press release from. Again, I am from The New York Times, and I’m letting everyone in The New York Times know what kind of f—ing a—holes you are. Congrats on being a laughingstock. You f—ing ghouls. I hope that there is a God in heaven, so He judges you when you die.”
— Editor for New York Times product recommendation service Wirecutter Erin Maquis in a voicemail to Great Lakes Gun Rights organization following the November 30 Oxford High School shooting. Marquis was later fired by The New York Times.


Manchin Just Ended Mankind 

“A lot to process on the Manchin news but, from a substantive standpoint, it’s just objectively devastating for the planet. The last best chance at climate change legislation is gone.”
— December 19 tweet by Politico White House Editor Sam Stein, after West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin announced he would not vote for President Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” bill.