The View Crew: Obama is Not the Worst President!

July 7th, 2014 4:02 PM

A Quinnipiac poll that listed Barack Obama as the worst president since World War II had the ladies of ABC’s The View quite upset. On Monday’s show Jenny McCarthy defended Obama’s terrible ranking by asking “isn’t the sitting president always considered the worst president?” She then griped that Obama has had to deal with the “worst Congress ever.”

Sherri Shepherd spoke up for all the “happy” people on ObamaCare and guest-host Ana Ortiz played the race card as the Devious Maids actress complained: “It’s 1400 people and 73 percent of those people were white. I have never been asked a poll question ever.” (video after the jump)

The following is a transcript of the relevant exchange as it was aired on the July 7 edition of ABC’s The View:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: So a new Quinnipiac poll found that President Obama currently tops the list as America’s choice as the worst president since World War II. Now before we get into this we want to hear from viewers. Tell us who was the worst president of all-time? And why? Tweet us at #TheView and you may see it here later on in “Hot Topics.” So is he getting a bit of a bad rap here? 
JENNY MCCARTHY: I mean isn’t the sitting president always considered the worst president, it seems? I think so. I think he does - I think he’s getting a bad rap. Personally, how about Congress? I think they’re the worst Congress ever. Everything that Obama’s tried to do they’ve blocked. So- 
ANA ORTIZ, ACTRESS: Also I have to say in terms of like - I think Obama has been doing a great job. But I also think in terms of the poll, this Quinnipiac poll it’s 1400 people. And-
SHERRI SHEPHERD: So you only interview 1400.
ORTIZ: It’s 1400 people and 73 percent of those people were white. I have never been asked a poll question ever. I would love some one ever to call me and ask me a question.
GOLDBERG: The only questions I get is “will you dance?”

SHEPHERD: Well you know it’s funny when, when President Bush left people said he was the worst president. And I remember Bill said, you thought, who was that president? I didn’t even know who he was? Was it William Harding?
BILL GEDDIE, PRODUCER: Warren Harding. Yeah. 
SHEPHERD: Warren Harding was the worst president.
GOLDBERG: There are about five or six of these guys who you don’t, you think, you were president? When? 
MCCARTHY: Thirty-three percent said Obama. Yet only 13 percent said Nixon, which I find is-
ORTIZ: Fourteen-hundred people. 
SHEPHERD: Out of 14 - I think, you know, you have a lot of people who are, they’re not happy and they’re going through some stuff. But then you also have a lot of people who have been taking advantage of the ObamaCare and - is what they call it - and they’ve gotten health care. And they’re, you know, they are happy. So I think it’s, it’s 1400 people is not a lot of people to poll.
MCCARTHY: The problem I think that with this country though is it’s too divided. You know? No one wants to give an inch for the good of the country. 
SHEPHERD: That’s true. 
GOLDBERG: Well that’s why so many things have sort have stalled. You know it’s, we gotta get, we gotta get back to the, to us. It is all about the people. It’s all about We the People, I’m sorry. I don’t care who’s in. Democrat, Republican, as long as he gives a poop about us, I’m okay with him. The minute he starts, the minute that the American people are not the most important he can bite the big one for me.