David Shuster's Fruity Analysis

December 8th, 2006 11:02 AM

MSNBC's David Shuster routinely spews the typical liberal spin his boss, Chris Matthews, likes to hear but sometimes Shuster goes a step beyond to uttering statements that make the viewer ask, "What was that?!" Such was the case on last night's Hardball when Shuster really reached in his analysis of a quote from James Baker. The following occured at the top of December 7th edition of Hardball.

James Baker: "I hope we don't treat this like a fruit salad and say, ‘I like this but I don't like that, I like this but I don't like that.' This is a comprehensive strategy designed to, to deal with this problem we are facing in Iraq but also designed to deal with utter problems we face in the region."

David Shuster: "The words fruit salad could be construed as a reference to cherry-picking and to questions about the Bush administration's cherry-picking of pre-war intelligence. Now, however, everybody, including President Bush, seems to agree the U.S. needs a new approach to Iraq. The question is, what will the President do and when. I'm David Shuster for Hardball in Washington.