Geraldo Compares George Allen to Mark Fuhrman

September 27th, 2006 5:37 PM

On Monday night's syndicated Geraldo At Large, Geraldo Rivera compared George Allen to Mark Fuhrman. Rivera, in his final commentary, aired the allegations of racism by Allen critics but never quoted Allen supporters. Teasing the segment Rivera made the Fuhrman comparison:

"Stand by everybody. What does the senator from Virginia have in common with the cop in the O.J. Simpson case? We'll be back in a flash with what may be the beginning of the end of a promising political career."

The following is the entire transcript of Rivera's segment from the September 26th edition of Geraldo At Large:

Rivera: "Do you remember the moment, the very moment that O.J. Simpson beat that murder rap, despite the mountain of evidence against him? I'll give you a hint it had nothing to do with the murders but everything to do with a lie. Watch."

F. Lee Bailey: "If you say on your oath that you have not addressed any black person as a n..., or spoken about black people as n..., in the past 10 years, Detective Fuhrman?"

Mark Fuhrman: "That's what I'm saying, sir."

Rivera: "If LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman had only told the truth about using the 'n' word O.J. Simpson might be in jail right now, instead of at the disco. Americans hate liars and hypocrites, which brings me to George Allen. He's the Virginia senator who reacted to the expose of his Jewish roots as if he had just been accused of having a sexually transmitted disease and who famously called a rival's dark-skinned campaign aide, a monkey. Well it gets worse for good old boy George. Two widely-separated witnesses now allege that in the days before running for high office he allegedly said and did some ugly, racist things. Item: Dr. Ken Shelton, whose wife was a football teammate of Allen's at the University of Virginia, now living in North Carolina the politically-independent radiologist claims that Allen routinely used the 'n' word. And with the movie Godfather popular at the time he claims Allen once stuck a severed deer's head into a black family's mailbox. Shelton also told Salon magazine that Allen allegedly told him that he had moved to Virginia, quote, 'because the blacks know their place there.' And item: Dr. Christopher Taylor, a white Democrat, who's now a professor at the University of Alabama, who went to Virginia with Allen and also reports the senator used the 'n' word in a conversation that stuck out because it seemed so inappropriate among those graduate students."

Sen. George Allen: "I do not remember ever using that word and, and it is completely false."

Rivera: "Senator Allen fiercely denies the charges, calling them 'ludicrously false.' Ah, but there's the rub."

Larry Sabato: "And the fact is that he did use the 'n' word whether he's denying it now or not."

Rivera: "That's Larry Sabato, now director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. And another former classmate of Allens' who now says there are multiple sources confirming that he used the 'n' word. But while Allen's once viable presidential aspirations have become as unbecoming as his macaca joke what will be interesting is whether come November Virginia voters allow him to continue representing the Commonwealth in the United States Senate. Again, remember Fuhrman?"

Johnnie Cochran: "That statement he hadn't used any racial slurs for 10 years is gonna come back to haunt him."

Rivera: "Hey Senator Allen you ever hear the one about the rabbi and the ham sandwich? Ba-da-bump. That's it for us. Until next time thanks for watching."