Weatherman Wars!

August 2nd, 2006 3:08 PM

On yesterday's The Early Show, as noted by Michael Rule, CBS's Dave Price blamed the current heat wave on global warming but over on NBC's Today this morning, as noted by Mark Finklestein, Al Roker refused to take Matt Lauer's bait to do the same.  While Roker hedged a bit and didn't completely rule out global warming as a cause, the fact that he expressed some reservations contrasted with Price who went as far to take time out of the weather update to cite his "experts." Still one can only assume Roker will be brought back in line by Lauer.  After all it was Lauer who brought viewers this very serious and sober piece of journalism. The following is a quick recap of the different takes taken by the CBS and NBC morning weathermen:

Dave Price: "Temperatures are hotter and they're longer-lasting and farther reaching. Experts are saying it's historic and global warming may be to blame."


Matt Lauer: "You hear people put up with the heat and then they say global warming. This is global warming. What do you think?"

Al Roker: "We get heat waves. This is not unusual. It's been five years since we've had one of this magnitude but it happens, it doesn't support nor negate global warming."