Kathy Griffin Takes A Swipe At Ann Coulter

June 6th, 2006 3:47 PM

Coming on long after Ann Coulter presumably left the Today show set Kathy Griffin couldn't resist taking a shot at the conservative author. Griffin cracked Al Roker up when she called Coulter a "nut-ball" and asked Al: "Doesn't she just make stuff up?"

Kathy Griffin: "I like to make fun of everybody. I think nobody is sacred, everybody can be ridiculous. And I love making fun of just all of celebrity culture."

Al Roker: "So you basically have gone after, you, you've made Steven Spielberg angry, now you're going after Oprah."

Griffin: "I go, although I'd like to go after Ann Coulter. I saw that nut-ball on the show earlier."

Roker: "Oh please. Okay."

Griffin: "What's she doing wearing a cocktail dress at 7am in the morning for? She got home from the party last night? Doesn't she just make stuff up Al?"

Roker giggling: "Kathy."

Griffin: "Who fact checks?"

Roker: "I, I don't know."