Baby Drama and 'Podunk' Image Means Spears = Palin

March 17th, 2009 4:19 PM
Palin and SpearsAs if Sarah Palin hasn’t been torn apart enough by the media, try this one on for size: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the equivalent of Britney Spears.

That’s right. Pop culture writer Jed Gottlieb compared the former GOP Vice Presidential candidate to pop icon Britney Spears saying both women are manufactured stars with “baby drama” and a “podunk back story.”

Gottlieb’s article “Boston sees just a piece of Britney Spears” appeared in the Boston Herald on March 17, just one day after Spears’ sold out concert at the TD Banknorth Garden Entertainment Arena in Boston. While the article largely described Spears’ lackluster performance on stage in her comeback tour, Gottlieb just couldn’t resist a swipe at Palin to get the article rolling.

“Britney is not Madonna,” Gottlieb writes. “She just ain’t. Madonna is Hillary Clinton. She’s whip smart and survives, even thrives by adapting. And Lord knows she wants it more than anyone. Britney is Sarah Palin. Baby drama headlines. Podunk back story and a massive industry machine behind her. She’s a manufactured star aimed at the lowest common denominator.”

Sarah Palin was ripped to shreds by the media within days of her emergence on the national stage as former GOP presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate. The Culture and Media Institute documented and exposed the overwhelming negative coverage of Sarah Palin in a special report. The report found that during a two week period from September 29, 2008 to October 12, 2008, the network news shows ran a total of 37 negative stories, 30 neutral stories and only 2 positive stories. Not one network evening news show ran a positive story about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The character assassination of Sarah Palin was so rampant, that Gottlieb’s assault on her character is just one more to add to the growing list of Palin-haters.