Disgusting CNN: Trump Wearing a Mask Like 'Potty Training' a Child

July 21st, 2020 4:30 PM

Proving the cable channel is no longer a news network, on Tuesday’s New Day, CNN co-hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota brought on political correspondent Seung Min Kim to launch juvenile insults at President Trump. Berman was particularly obnoxious, as he completely shunned his guise of being a journalist to compare Republicans praising Trump for wearing a mask to parents “praising a kid for learning how to potty train.”

Berman began the absurd discussion by comparing Republicans lauding Trump to training a dog or feeding an infant: "I have to say, one of the things that's most interesting is the way that the Republicans on Capitol Hill are treating the President, almost cloying and begging for him to lead here and trying to give him positive reinforcement, the way you would to, you know, a dog, or the way you would to your baby when you're trying to feed him." 



Apparently worried that he wasn't being disrespectful enough to the President of the United States, Berman even cited a video of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski caught on tape congratulating his child for learning how to potty train:

BERMAN Lindsey Graham's tweet here, after the President put out that picture of himself with the mask yesterday. Lindsey graham put out a tweet that said, "Couldn't agree more! Well done, Mr. President!" Well, you know what that made me think of? That made think of the viral video from Corey Lewandowski --


BERMAN: -- basically praising a kid for learning how to potty train. Listen to this.

LEWANDOWSKI: I hear that you're starting to use the big boy toilet. So, congratulations, and you're doing a great job with your poopies. Congratulations.

The shameless anchor proclaimed: "That's what it felt like....Honest to god, that's what it feels like. Republicans saying, good job, Mr. President! You're wearing a mask! Good job, sitting on the toilet."

People are supposed to go to CNN for news? This isn’t news, it's two people that hate Trump so much that they are attacking him with insults straight from the playbook of a third grade bully. Forget a nuanced, statistically backed discussion explaining why Trump should wear a mask like actual journalists would do. Since they are Democratic hacks and want Trump to look bad, they would rather compare him to a child and discuss potty training. With content like this, no wonder only 41% of Americans trust the media.

Doing her part to bash the President, Min Kim tried to paint a picture of conflict between Republicans and Trump:

It also reminded me, when the President did actually wear a mask a couple of weeks ago at Walter Reed. You had so many members of his campaign staff and his official staff tweeting praise of how presidential he looked, saying, "That's my president." That was their way of positively reinforcing the President wearing that mask, which we know he had been so hesitant to do. Republican senators are also trying that same tactic. They've seen for the last 3 1/2 years that arguing with him head on just does not work, whether it's in public or in private. That positive reinforcement is something that does get across to this president.

And on masks, that's the one area where Senate Republicans have really split with the President on. You know, we had the President saying, you know, I -- I -- I don't have any issues against masks, but it's an issue of personal freedom. He would not commit to a national mask mandate. He had kind of mocked reporters who wear masks, asking them if they're trying to be politically correct. But Mitch McConnell, both in Kentucky and here in D.C., is out there pounding the drum, wearing his Washington Nationals mask, urging the public to cover their face. Senate Republicans are promoting mask-wearing on Instagram and Twitter. So you really do see that divide just on public -- basic public health guidance between Republicans on Capitol Hill and the White House.

Berman could not resist making one more childlike insult before the end of the segment: "They're going to need to find more Scooby snacks because the President was at that fund-raiser last night in Washington not wearing the mask."

This is the kind of drivel that should make people embarrassed to work at CNN.

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CNN's New Day


6:29 AM ET

JOHN BERMAN: I have to say, one of the things that's most interesting is the way that the Republicans on Capitol Hill are treating the President, almost cloying in begging for him to lead here and trying to give him positive reinforcement, the way you would to, you know, a dog, or the way you would to your baby when you're trying to feed him. You're not going to like this, Alisyn, but -- but let me put up Aliysn’s -- Lindsey Graham's tweet here, after the President put out that picture of himself with the mask yesterday. Lindsey graham put out a tweet that said, "Couldn't agree more! Well done, Mr. President!" Well, you know what that made me think of? That made think of the viral video from Corey Lewandowski -- 


BERMAN: -- basically praising a kid for learning how to potty train. Listen to this. 

[Cuts to video]

COREY LEWANDOWSKI (FORMER TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER): I hear that you're starting to use the big boy toilet. So, congratulations, and you're doing a great job with your poopies. Congratulations. 

[Cuts to live]

CAMEROTA: Oh, my God. 

BERMAN: That's what it felt like.

CAMEROTA: Oh, my God. 

BERMAN: Honest to god, that's what it feels like. Republicans saying, good job, Mr. President! You're wearing a mask! Good job, sitting on the toilet.

SEUNG MIN KIM (CNN POLITICAL ANALYST): It also reminded me, when the President did actually wear a mask a couple of weeks ago at Walter Reed. You had so many members of his campaign staff and his official staff tweeting praise of how presidential he looked, saying, "That's my president." That was their way of positively reinforcing the President wearing that mask, which we know he had been so hesitant to do. Republican senators are also trying that same tactic. They've seen for the last 3 1/2 years that arguing with him head on just does not work, whether it's in public or in private. That positive reinforcement is something that does get across to this president. And on masks, that's the one area where Senate Republicans have really split with the President on. You know, we had the President saying, you know, I -- I -- I don't have any issues against masks, but it's an issue of personal freedom. He would not commit to a national mask mandate. He had kind of mocked reporters who wear masks, asking them if they're trying to be politically correct. But Mitch McConnell, both in Kentucky and here in D.C., is out there pounding the drum, wearing his Washington Nationals mask, urging the public to cover their face. Senate Republicans are promoting mask-wearing on Instagram and Twitter. So you really do see that divide just on public -- basic public health guidance between Republicans on Capitol Hill and the White House. 

BERMAN: They're going to need to find more Scooby snacks because the President was at that fund-raiser last night in Washington not wearing the mask. And Lindsey Graham, by the way, there not wearing a mask either.