It's Official: The Press Has Gone To War

January 31st, 2007 9:23 PM

Many on the Right have always been suspect of the MSM media when it came to reporting on the Iraq War. While the first official shot may have been CNN showing video of enemy snipers at work, it seems that open hostilities have been declared now that President Bush has begun the infamous surge.

Within the past two days, the New York Times violated a standard ethical constraint when it broadcast video of an American Marine being shot, also reporting his death without officially contacting his family. They are reported to have suffered greatly in the process of viewing it. If there's any justice, they will sue the Times for the little bit that it's still worth.

A CBS journalist / activist has gone the extra mile in attempting to draw attention to a gruesome al-Qaeda video she incorporated into a news report without attribution.

Still, back again to the New york Times - a victory over hundreds of insurgents wasn't reported as a victory at all, simply an episode that raised questions, as it wasn't accomplished easily enough - that according to the Times.

As silly as Jane Fonda taking back her apology, and now apparently back in Vietnam, Turner Broadcasting showed how seriously they take the war on terror, using that very thing for a publicity stunt that closed down a major city.

And still the AP refuses to accept responsibility for its earlier unethical and misleading reporting from Iraq.

Today's disgusting anti-military screed from the WaPo's Arkin should come as little surprise.

Perhaps emboldened by so many Democrats and some Republicans now betraying their very own earlier votes as they muster political opposition to victory in Iraq, clearly the MSM has decided to take the mask off of their own opposition to the Iraq War.

If we thought coverage has been biased up until now, buckle up - it's going to get worse.