DC Protest Suggests War Opposition Weak

January 27th, 2007 3:43 PM

While the MSM may try to spin today's DC war protest as a major event, apparently relatively few people showed up to hear actor Tim Robbins call for the impeachment of President Bush. He also suggested Bush would end his presidency in a bunker, as did Adolf Hitler. Yes, he said that, I listened via C-Span.

There's legitimate reason to claim anti-war support isn't what some might like to make it out to be.

Organizers expected hundreds of thousands of protesters. Early reports are indicating tens of thousands may have showed up. But the real problem for the anti-war movement is this from Talk Left almost four years ago to the day.

The Denver Post is calling it " the largest war protest since Vietnam"--in huge letters, on the front page. Good for them.

Intervention Magazine has this first hand account by senior editor Regis T. Sabol, which begins:

From the grounds in front of the US Capitol, on the Mall, a sea of a quarter million Americans -- regardless of the number that the networks are reporting -- braved biting cold under a beaming sun to oppose the Bush regime's plan to invade Iraq "any day now."

Given that they can't use the weather as an excuse, it would seem the peaceniks (Charles has pics up) lost a couple hundred thousand folks somewhere along the way.

It would appear there will be a surge in Iraq and the surge in peaceniks, as usual, is going the wrong way. But I wouldn't wait for the MSM to tell you that.