NBC News Editor’s Track Record Shows He MIGHT Be a Hamas Stooge

October 30th, 2023 11:59 AM

Having already made himself infamous for his pathetic defense of the mentally and physically impaired Democrat John Fetterman during the latter’s 2022 senatorial campaign, NBCNews.com tech editor Ben Goggin has spent the days and weeks since Hamas’s October 7 terror attacks in Israel shilling for the radical Islamists, taking them at their word.

This is by no means a complete list, but it surely makes the point. Our buddy Steve Guest had the receipts, including this tweet that had three of Goggin’s anti-Israel/pro-Hamas framing missives:

Rewind a day ago to reports of a modern-day wannabe pogrom in Dagestan, Russia after a rumor started that a plane of Jews had landed at the airport, Goggin shared the original AP headline (see above) without a moment to think about what an angry mob protesting the rumored presence of Jews meant.

“If people didn’t realize when first reading this post… my tweet was the autogenerated share headline from the AP,” he added in an attempt to do some damage control.

In another, he again blamed the AP by citing a rewrite as having “better reflect[ed] the reality of the situation.”

Goggin has been a reliable cheap suit for Hamas when it comes to reporting death tolls out of Gaza, taking their almost comically-titled Gaza Health Ministry as gospel.

“Gaza death toll now over 2300, with nearly 10,000 injured, exceeding casualties in the 2014 conflict that lasted 6 weeks, Palestinian health ministry says Israeli bombing of residential areas has caused a high number of deaths of women and children,” he said back on October 15 in linking to a Reuters story.

Fast-forward to October 24 and he said he talked to “[a] Gaza doctor” who “provided me a Gaza Ministry of Health report that paints a stark picture of a crumbling health system — more patients than beds, dead doctors and nurses, and a blood shortage.” In another, he fretted that, “[a]ccording to to [sic] the health ministry, 68 babies are on ventilators and Al-shifa [sic] hospital is at 147%”.

Goggin was at it again two days later with a short thread: “Palestinian Health Ministry says 132 babies under 1 year old have been killed in the conflict with Israel.”

“Palestinian ministry of health [sic] releases 212 page [sic] document that they say names everyone who has been killed in Gaza so far, which is over 7000 people. The pdf also includes ages. The report follows criticism of the self-reported death tolls coming from the Hamas-run org,” he added in a separate post.

The Hamas tool admitted he was in contact with “[t]he director of Gaza’s largest hospital” who told him that, in Goggin's words, “conditions are devastating.”

Of course, Goggin never mentioned that Hamas uses the hospital as a giant human shield for its headquarters (and has done so with hospitals in the past):

Goggin showed he might have more than just a quibble with Israel as, on October 17, he seethed that “[a]s Congress distracts the US by continuing to trip over itself, schools and hospitals are reportedly being bombed by Israel in Gaza, claiming hundreds more lives”.

He further kvetched that he’s “seen a lot of people attempting to discredit info coming out of Gaza hospitals recently, given that the admin is under Hamas authority” and claims to “understand why people raise these concerns, but given on-the-ground reporting there, the humanitarian toll this has taken is undeniable.”

Sure, the latter is certainly true. But, as even the mentally declining Joe Biden acknowledged and the National Security Council’s John Kirby repeatedly said last week, that doesn’t mean Hamas’s stats should be trusted.

While pointlessly claiming reporters should “strive to get accurate details”, Goggin argued Hamas should be trusted given the “massive information disparity occurring where we have voluminous reporting coming out of Israel, and barely any coming out of Gaza.”

In one final example for good measure, Goggin promoted the very dubious claim on October 13 from the far-left, pro-Palestinian Human Watch that “Israel is using white phosphorus in Gaza”. Unsurprisingly, The Spectator’s Matthew Foldi found Goggin flocking to Chinese-owned TikTok to push this lie.

Goggin, a supposedly disinformation-righting reporter, has a track record of idiocy as, along with defending Fetterman, he’s spread false narratives about the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting, melted down over a fake Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitter account, and blasted Twitter’s Community Notes as “open to partisan manipulation.”