Joyless Gaslighting: Reid Claims Republicans Want to Ban Voting, End Elections (Not True)

January 12th, 2022 2:49 PM

Reacting to President Biden’s speech on voting, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid insisted without evidence on Tuesday that not only do Republicans want to suppress the vote of African-Americans, but they want to end elections entirely by not having “the vote at all and I think y’all need to wake up to that.”

At the end of an A-block, the NAACP’s Sheryl Ifill implored Americans “to understand” the need to remove the filibuster and pass the Democratic Party’s voting policies “is a democracy issue” and “not a niche issue for black people, so now we’re in a crisis because what they were trying out just on black and brown people, they have now decided to run the tables on the whole nation.”



So, ban all people from voting? Where did that come from? Where’s the evidence America is headed toward North Korea? Thankfully, our Bill D’Agostino addressed the left’s lies about this issue in a new explainer video here.

Reid reacted to Ifill’s call to action with more lies and the claim about the GOP ending elections period:

[I]f they coming [sic] for us, they always start with black folks and then they gonna come [sic] for the rest of you. That is the way it works. They want authoritarian control. They don’t want — they don’t want the vote at all and I think y’all need to wake up to that.

Prior to this, Reid fretted about how many senators would be modern day James Eastlands and enable new segregationists with R’s next to their name, but Ifill made clear the Deep State was on their side as she doesn’t “have any worries that the Department of Justice will not pull out all the stops.”

Reid agreed, lamenting voting has been “framed as if this is an issue about black people, and it isn’t because once you put on the table that you can simply ban groups that you don’t want to vote...and use all of these tricks to make it so, so impossible and so onerous that they can’t vote, that can be used on anybody.”

The nuttiness was superfluous even before that back and forth as Reid led off the show with MSNBC regulars Errin Haines of The 19th and Jason Johnson of The Grio.

After Reid claimed Republicans ceased support for the 1965 Voting Rights Act because Barack Obama was elected President and he’s, you know, Black, she insisted Republicans are cynically using former President Trump’s “Big Lie” so they can “lock those pesky” Black people out “because their political survival is dependent on taking power, not earning it.”

Have we mentioned already how what Reid said on Tuesday were endless lies?

For their part, Haines and Johnson had plenty of kindling for this incendiary pow wow amid Reid’s cockamamie claim that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will go down as our time’s Strom Thurmond for having used the filibuster more than anyone in history (except Thurmond) (click “expand”):

HAINES: [Republicans] needed to expand. They needed to try to appeal to a more diverse electorate, to try to appeal to more Americans and to get them to engage with the Republican Party. That strategy has since been abandoned and so when you no longer have a strategy of expanding the electorate, voting rights is suddenly, you know, not as bipartisan of an issue.


REID: I mean, it’s very clear, Jason, that, I mean, when the history is written, Mitch McConnell is going to be remembered as the Strom Thurmond of our era. I mean, he used the filibuster more than anyone has ever used it, probably in league in Strom Thurmond’s use of it, but he used it to try to stop the first black President from being successful. Like, it’s very clear he is going to be Strom Thurmond. We got that. The only question is how many James Eastlands are going to be. 


REID: Are we at the point now where, politically, because they’ve left themselves little room to maneuver, we’re just at a point where Republicans are going to get away with claiming they’re not trying to stop people from voting and then literally stop them from voting and stealing the elections after if people win, get what they want anyway?

JOHNSON: So, first, Joy, I want to let you know we don’t know what the history books will say about Mitch McConnell because when we talk about voter suppression, isn’t that critical race theory? And they’re trying to make that illegal too?

REID: Oh, right.

JOHNSON: So, we — we don’t even know —

REID: It will be illegal.

JOHNSON: — what the history books could say about this when we get there. Here — here’s the problem. It’s very clear what their plan is. They want politicians to be able to pick voters instead of voters picking politicians[.]

“Politicians...pick[ing] voters?” Isn’t that what liberals want to do with their so-called voting rights bills?

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To see the relevant MSNBC transcript from January 11, click here.