Joy’s Hodgepodge of Hate: Reid Maligns Police, Claims Dems Accept Losing Elections

May 18th, 2021 11:32 PM

MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid and one guest after another spent Tuesday night gaslighting viewers on a litany of issues, ranging from downplaying the Alexandria ball field shooting to insisting a January 6 commission will be the top issue in the 2022 midterms to comparing police to a “lynch mob” invading Iraq in 2003 to claiming Democrats have always accepted presidential election results.

And that didn't even include the fact that Reid donned a sweater that bore a striking resemblance to the Palestinian flag, a people she's made no secret about her affinity for (given that she's an anti-Semite).

Reid started the show with a 13-minute block on the supposed paramount importance of Congress forming a commission to investigate the Capitol riot and, as part of that, failed former Republican Congressman and MSNBC contributor David Jolly smeared his former colleagues who nearly died when an MSNBC viewer tried to kill them in a Washington D.C. suburb.



After Reid asked Jolly “how damaging” it’ll be for the GOP to have Americans “relive...the events of January 6th,” he said it’s important to realize what took place “was an attempt to undermine our democracy, to rip away our election, to undo our republic,” and thus not at all “ the violence on the baseball field where the shooting occurred of Republican members of Congress.”

Jolly and Reid both framed January 6th as the seminal issue in the 2022 midterms, so fellow MSNBCer Jason Johnson naturally agreed and lobbied Democrats “to nationalize this election as soon as possible” since “2022 is theirs to lose.”

In the next block, Reid smeared North Carolina sheriff’s deputies as having behaved like they were part of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq when they shot dead Andrew Brown Jr. (click “expand”):

Today, we saw video of what it looks when the war on drugs looks like actual war. Authorities in North Carolina finally gave us a glimpse of the body cam footage of Andrew Brown Jr. by Pasquotank County Sheriffs deputies nearly a month ago.


Police claim the deputies were attempting to serve search warrants and arrest warrants related to drug charges, armed like a military unit lining 2003 Baghdad, no less. Today, the DA said DA — that the deputies actions were justified under the circumstances.


He also argued that Brown’s decision to, as he termed it, flee, escalated the situation from a show of force to employment of force, so sheriff's deputies descended on a residential neighborhood armed to the teeth to serve a drug's warrant to an unarmed black man in his car and within 44 seconds, Andrew Brown was dead and according to the district attorney, it was justified....Is that how it's supposed to work in serving a drugs warrant on an unarmed man in a residential neighborhood? That looked like the assault of Baghdad in 2003, to be honest with you. It looked like they went in to, you know, arrest a terrorist cell.

Perhaps an even bigger racial arsonist, TV lawyer Benjamin Crump insisted the district attorney had a corrupt intent and “whitewashed the investigation to justify this unjustifiable killing of yet another black man,” and described the officers as “a lynch mob with guns and badges coming to hunt a black man” when they should have let him “getaway.”

The gears were blown to smithereens in the next block and perfectly illustrated why it’s a fool’s errand for any real conservative or Republican to appear on CNN and MSNBC, let alone outright opinion shows.

Maricopa County, Arizona recorder Stephen Richer (R) joined Reid to denounce an Arizona Republican-led effort to audit the county’s certified ballots from the 2020 election and oppose President Trump’s false claims about the election when he dared to note the left has had plenty of issues with accepting election results.

Reid fretted the 2020 fallout would become “the standard way that your party behaves when they lose elections” and instead of continuing to go along with her, Richer surprised her: “Well, you know, it opens the door to both parties. I don't think this is now specific to just one party.”

Richer wasn’t allowed to go any further as Reid promptly melted down, saying there’s never been “any record of Democrats doing this” and hilariously claimed the left “actually believe[s] in democracy when they lose,” citing the 2000 and 2016 elections as the biggest examples.

When Richer attempted to double down, she again flipped out and refused to allow for a debate (click “expand”):

REID: Democrats don't believe in this, though. Democrats — have you ever had any record of Democrats doing this? The pain in the loss of the 2000 election was real, but Al Gore himself presided over handing over the election to George W. Bush. Hillary Clinton losing to that reality show guy who everyone knew was unqualified to be president. Everyone knew that. She — they handed over. You had President Obama, you had Hillary Clinton, who knew they were handing the country over to a madman. They did it. You cannot name an instance where — Democrats actually believe in democracy when they lose. Your party doesn't seem to, sir. 

RICHER: No, I — I appreciate it and so, I don't think insanity is specific to just one side of the aisle or other, but this instance, yes. This is — we're discussing Republicans right now. Absolutely and anyone who’s — 

REID: No, no. Right now, sir. I’m sorry. I'm sorry. Listen, I appreciate what you have done for democracy, but let me play you for a second. Just one second. This is the lieutenant governor of Georgia, okay?

RICHER: Okay. Georgia, yeah.

REID: He is a Republican like you. Let's play him real quick. Listen to this. 

LT. GOV. JEFF DUNCAN (R-GA): You know, this doesn’t need to be a personality contest. This needs to be a policy over politics platform where we go to work everyday and try to solve real problems for real people. [SCREEN WIPE] But when you receive death threats from hundreds of Republicans around the country, that's a problem when you're only sitting there, telling the truth. 

REID: Mr. Richer, “when you receive death threats from hundreds of Republicans,” Liz Cheney has said fellow members of her caucus have received death threats and they were so scared —


REID: — of being murdered by Republican voters that they were afraid to vote to impeach the former President when they knew he was guilty. That is not a both sides-y thing. Democrats aren't threatening to murder public officials because they lost an election, sir. 

As usual, Reid lied. Democrats challenged the Electoral College results in 2000, 2004, and 2016 and, in a poll taken in December 2000, only 18 percent of Democrats believed George W. Bush was legitimately elected.

In 2004, some Democrats came to believe John Kerry had won the election but was thwarted by rigged voting machines and voter suppression efforts. The late Christopher Hitchens embodied these conspiracy theories when he wrote in Vanity Fair that voting machines had to be inspected because the Ohio results didn’t make sense. And that was just scratching the surface.

And little has to be said about what leftists and perpetual Never Trumpers came to believe about the 2016 election with Russia and Trump.

Back to the show and before ending on passage of anti-Asian crime legislation, Reid had another “Absolute Worst” segment by declaring Andrew Giuliani was “the absolute worst” and even worse of a person than Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY). 

Reid even cited his deadly nursing home policy, multi-million-dollar book deal, and sexual misconduct allegations against at least ten women, but defended his media blitz by gushing that at least he “wasn’t a Republican governor resistant to taking action on the pandemic.”

Before going onto why Giuliani was terrible for mounting a gubernatorial bid and defending his father, Reid shrugged off Cuomo’s deadly mistakes because New York “could do worse” if they elect Giuliani.

Reid’s Tuesday evening of divisive, partisan, and racist gaslighting was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Allegra, BMW, Farmer’s Insurance, and Tractor Supply Co. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page.