'Morning Joe': Trump Is a 'Weaponized Virus' Made By Vladimir Putin

July 23rd, 2018 4:13 PM

On Monday, Tulane history professor Walter Isaacson took to the airwaves of MSNBC's Morning Joe to condemn President Trump.

The swipe began by Isaacson making the bold declaration that Donald Trump was "a weaponized virus" and that he's been "weaponized over the years by Vladimir Putin to go in and do Putin's bidding."



Isaacson continued by declaring that President Trump has sought to change the genetic code of NATO, the Republican Party, and our democracy.

MSNBC and Morning Joe has long sought to delegitimize Trump, but comparing the President of the United States to a biotechnical terror threat is a whole new level of vitriol. 

Isaacson's absurd comparisons went unchallenged as the left-wing cable channel continues to lose any sort of legitimacy. Here's Isaacson's hot take in full:

WALTER ISAACSON: You know, in biotechnologies, there's a notion of having a virus that can go in and rip apart DNA of something and change the entire genome of an organism. It's as if Donald Trump has been a weaponized virus, weaponized over the years by Vladimir Putin to go in and do Putin's bidding, to change the genetic code of NATO, of the Republican Party of the United States, of democracy. And it is astonishing how he has become such an effective and destructive virus created by Vladimir Putin.