Ryan Long Flattens CNN for Telling the Truth [Two Years Late]

January 15th, 2022 1:30 PM

Comedians often take their cues from the Democrats and news outlets (but we repeat ourselves).

Not Ryan Long.

He’s part of a small band of satirists who tell jokes based on reality, not what corrupt reporters say. It’s one reason he’s a rising star outside the Hollywood mainstream, and there’s little reason for that to change in 2022.

His latest podcast reveals why that’s the case.



Long and co-host Danny Polishchuk took turns mocking CNN for finally getting to some obvious truths about COVID-19.

Better late than never, but it’s still embarrassing for a so-called “news” network.

First, Long and Polishchuk played audio of Dr. Anthony Fauci admitting, recently, that many hospitalized children just so happen to have COVID-19, but that’s not why they found themselves seeking medical treatment.

It’s what many on the Right have been screaming for some time, how “experts” happily conflate the two conditions to make the pandemic sound worse than it it.

“What Fauci has been doing is watching Breitbart.com,” Long joked, while Polishchuk called him “Super-based Fauci.”

The duo describes how mainstream experts like Dr. Fauci have been denying elements of the pandemic, like the argument that it started at a Wuhan lab in China, only to later admit the obvious while pretending they didn’t say the polar opposite for month after month.

“Then he nonchalantly says it and moves on,” Long notes. “You have to almost respect the level that they don’t care what people think.”

“Their whole thing was, ‘well, we weren’t sure before…’ but you’re like, ‘you were…,'” Polishchuk said.

They brought up a new CNN story suggesting weight plays a significant role in someone’s chance of dying from COVID-19. That’s something anyone who diversifies their news sources knew from the jump, and yet now CNN can admit the obvious.

“I guess CNN’s been watching Fox News,” Long said regarding the change of heart. His podcast partner offered up another theory for the change.

“They see they’re f***ing ratings,” Polischuk said, suggesting that’s why the far-Left network started flirting with reality.

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