CNN's Velshi Tweets Rep. Jim Bunning is an 'Embarrassment'

March 1st, 2010 2:07 PM

You have to feel bad for some journalists. They spend all day struggling to keep up the whole "disinterested reporter" act, only to be undone by their own Tweets. In a moment of weakness, maybe at the end of a long day, something pushes them over the edge - good (they catch a glimpse of the first lady's arms or Sarah Palin suffers some embarrassment) or bad (Obama's latest poll numbers or Sarah Palin enjoying some victory). Their hands go instinctively for the Blackberry and they furiously thumb out their innermost liberal feelings. 

Take Ali Velshi. CNN's chief business correspondent tweeted recently that Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning is an "embarrassment 2 the Senate, 2 Washington, & 2 politics." Velshi's tweet linked to a CNN article titled "Lone Senator Blocks Unemployment Extensions," which criticized Bunning for demanding fiscal responsibility before passing a $10 billion unemployment package. 

Maybe Velshi was just shocked that someone in Congress was actually concerned with paying for something. At any rate, Velshi isn't the first mainstream mediaite to use Twitter to vent his inner liberalism. ABC's Katie Couric, for example, gushingly tweeted 14 times last November about the Obama's state dinner. Last month, MSNBC's David Shuster used Twitter to attack conservatives with the vulgar term "teabaggers," and Washington Post's top editor Raju Narisetti was forced to close his Twitter account six months ago after calling for more spending on health care. On his defunct Twitter page, Narisetti argued, "My tweets have nothing to do with my day job." 

Well, if that were true, Newsbusters would have dried up a long time ago.