CBS Lauds Liberal Activism of Kaepernick-Inspired NFL Players

November 12th, 2018 10:59 AM

On CBS This Morning: Saturday, the show's anchors cheered on NFL players, inspired by Colin Kaepernick, who spent time advocating liberal causes during this year's elections.

Co-host Michelle Miller set up the report by noting several ballot initiatives that liberals were successful in pushing in 2018, showing newspaper clippings on screen that included marijuana legalization and Medicaid expansion.

Co-host Dana Jacobson then added: "Some of those ballot measures were the focus of a group of NFL players inspired by the contoversial on-field protests of Colin Kaepernick to enact civic change. And it appears their work is getting results."

The piece then began with Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles crediting Kaepernick with making him and other NFL players more politically active. Jacobson soon recalled that the group of players had successfully pushed a ballot initiative in Florida "aimed at restoring voting rights to felons who have served their time."

She soon noted a few other ballot initiatives supported by liberals that included making it more difficult to convict felons in Louisiana, and requiring that redistricting be done by a commission in Michigan -- which in the short-run would benefit Democrats.

After the pre-recorded report concluded, Jacobson described the work as "really amazing," leading Miller to react: "And for all those people who say, 'Athletes, sit down,' or, 'Athletes don't make a difference,' guess what?"

Jacobson responded: "These guys are making a difference. There's one measure in Ohio that did not pass that they're going to continue to fight for."

She was apparently referring to a push to reduce sentences for drug crimes in Ohio.

Co-host Anthony Mason injected: "So impressed with their work."

Last week, CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News had notably paid attention to ballot initiative victories for liberals while ignoring victories for conservatives.