O'Donnell Frets Kansas Moving Voting Site, Ignores Why It Was Moved

October 20th, 2018 3:37 PM

On Friday's The Last Word on MSNBC, Lawrence O'Donnell was the latest example of the liberal news network peddling propaganda for Democrats as the MSNBC host hyped complaints about alleged voter suppression aimed at minorities while excluding critical pieces of the other side of the story.

O'Donnell began by fretting over the only voting place in Dodge City, Kansas, being relocated outside town limits without even noting that it was done because of construction, and that special busing would be provided for voters.

He also failed to inform viewers of the provisional ballot option as he shifted to accusations that Republicans are trying to block minority voting in Georgia and North Dakota.

The MSNBC host began the segment by proclaiming that elected Republicans "fear democracy," and "the will of the voters," adding, "and so they try to prevent voters from voting." He continued: "That is their top campaign strategy: stop democracy."

After noting that 60 percent of Dodge City's 27,000 residents are Hispanic, he related:

And now Dodge City has zero places to vote. That is zero polling locations in a city of 27,000 people. Local officials have moved the polling place outside of city limits to a location that is more than a mile from the nearest bus stop. Slate is reporting that the Office of the Secretary of State says, "There is nothing unusual or discriminatory about the relocation of the site."

He soon read a tweet from former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder: "Republicans keeping people away from the polls in North Dakota, Georgia, and now Kansas. They are afraid of the people they claim to want to represent."

O'donnell then turned to Ezra Levin of the Indivisible Project and continued to fearmonger: "It feels like we have never seen anything like this. We have never seen it this bad since the early 1960s before the Voting Rights Act."

Levin accused Republicans of "purging black voters in Georgia" and "preventing Native-American voters from voting in North Dakota" without noting that any voters affected can bring the necessary ID on Election Day and vote or at least use a provisional ballot to give them more time to sort out any problems.

A bit later, liberal MSNBC contributor David Corn tied in the Jim Crow era. Ironically, about an hour earlier, as she substitute hosted The Rachel Maddow Show, Joy Reid at least informed viewers that construction was to blame for the polling place in Dodge being relocated, and she also noted that special busing would be provided to help voters get to the polls.