Roland Martin Frets 'Despicable' Judge Gave Long Sentence to O.J. Simpson

July 21st, 2017 5:17 PM

On Friday morning's News One Now, host Roland Martin repeatedly ranted over the 33-year sentence that O.J. Simpson received almost a decade ago, even as the far-left commentator admitted he believes Simpson was indeed guilty of the prior offense of murder that he was acquitted of in 1995.

After complaining that the judge in the 2008 armed robbery case had been "shameful" and "despicable," he charged that "white folks can't get over O.J.," leading one guest to provocatively mock whites because they lost a "precious white woman and a precious white man" who were killed by the former NFL star.

Shortly after 7:00 a.m. ET, Martin griped about the sentence as he teased the show:

After spending nine of a 33-year sentence in prison for armed robbery -- one of the dumbest sentences ever for armed robbery -- O.J. Simpson was granted parole yesterday even though he could not shut his mouth up.

After he got to the segment on Simpson being paroled, he began by sounding annoyed that Simpon was treated more harshly than most others would have been:

The reason O.J. Simpson got 33 years in prison was because -- and the judge in that particular case, she also sentenced him, she waited for the anniversary of the day he was acquitted in the 1994 death of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. ... but anybody else who's not named O.J. Simpson, for that particular armed robbery, max get two years.

The News One Now host then jabbed Simpson as a "black man who many say is a white man" as he followed up:

This nation is still riveted by O.J. Simpson because this had every element of reality TV. You had race -- you had sex -- you had a white man -- excuse me, you had a black man who many say is a white man -- and a white woman ... you had the Kardashians involved -- you had all these folks involved. I mean, it was -- and this nation is still riveted by it... That's why he got 33 years.

After bringing on more guests, he started attacking the judge for being too tough as he began:

This judge was shameful and despicable. I am not no O.J. apologist -- hell, yeah, I think he killed'em. No doubt in my mind. But nobody else would have gotten 33 years. And then when she say, "Oh, by the way, I'm giving you this sentence, and it has nothing to do with you being found not guilty." You a lie!

A bit later, he added: "But, Cleo, it's real simple. White folks can't get over O.J."

Cleo Manago -- identified as a "behavioral health and cultural analyst" -- became more incendiary as he seemed to mock whites over the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman:

Exactly. White folks can't get over that, from everybody's perspective so far, he killed a precious white woman and a precious white man and got away with it.

As fellow guest Rina Shah Bharara -- identified as a "Republican strategist" -- injected, "That's right," Manago added:

Typically, you need -- even with just the accusation, a brother was hanging. But he got away with it if indeed he did it. I'm going to keep some if's out there because he was found not guilty in a court of law, and it was unprincipled for the judge to take advantage of racism and sentence him again.