Maher Jokes About Roger Ailes Death as 'Comeuppance' After Audience Cheers

May 20th, 2017 7:03 PM

On Friday's Real Time show on HBO, liberal host Bill Maher took his latest opportunity to joke about the death of a prominent conservative as he recalled the passing of Fox News founder Roger Ailes. 

After some audience members immediately cheered and applauded the news, Maher went on to call it "comeuppance" and mocked the idea that one is not supposed to speak ill of those  who have just died as he accused Ailes of "making old white Americans more frightened and more ill-informed."

Toward the end of the opening monologue that was mostly devoted to news about President Donald Trump, the HBO host then brought up former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner's guilty plea along with Ailes's death. Maher: "There is other news -- pretty big news that happened this week, Anthony Wiener pleaded guilty to tweeting his d***. And Roger Ailes died."

After some audience members cheered and clapped, Maher continued: "Between those two stories and the horrible week Trump had, perverts got their comeuppance. If there was a movie made this week, it would be called 'P**** Strikes Back.'"

After more audience laughter, he further mocked Ailes by adding:

You know. Yes, Roger Ailes, okay, but when someone dies, you're supposed to not say bad things about them. So let me just say, when it came to making old white Americans more frightened and more ill-informed, nobody did it better.

Last year, Maher notably used his show to joke and laugh about the news that conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed away.