MSNBC Guest Slams Trump: 'Couldn't Shine John Lewis's Shoes'

January 16th, 2017 4:22 PM

Appearing as a guest on Sunday's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, liberal talk radio host Joe Madison attacked President-elect Donald Trump as someone who "couldn't shine John Lewis's shoes" during a discussion of Trump's Twitter response to the Democratic congressman's view that his presidency would not be "legitimate." The long-time recurring guest, who has a history of making snide attacks against conservatives, also declared that "we need to put this man in his place."

Near the end of the show, host Al Sharpton brought up the topic:

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John Lewis being attacked as "talk, talk, talk," by President-elect Trump because he said he didn't consider him a legitimate President. I mean, could you think of a worse time for him to have said it and a worse person in terms of the respect that John Lewis has? How do youreact as a journalist to this kind of pettiness and behavior?

After noting that he is not a "journalist," Madison tore into the President-elect:

I'm going to tell you how I react as somebody who knows John Lewis, as somebody who like you have been an activist, we love John Lewis because here's a man who gave his blood. I don' t have to go through all of that. The reality is this: Donald Trump hasn't done a darn thing for the Civil Rights Movement, and most of the people around him haven't done anything.

He added:

You know, this is something where we need to put this man in his place. I don' t know how to react to this other than the fact is, Donald Trump couldn't shine John Lewis's shoes.

Ironically, moments later as the segment ended, Sharpton claimed that they were taking the high road in their response to Trump. Sharpton:

I'm waiting to see how he can respond on MLK Day tomorrow to say something that really is ... Well, I wouldn't hold my breath, and I wouldn't waste time hoping that we -- sink to his level -- let's put it that way. I would not even try to -- they go low, we go high.