Dennis Miller Lambasts Sandra Fluke as 'Moan of Arc'

November 29th, 2012 8:15 AM

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's The O'Reilly Factor for his regular "Miller Time" segment, comedian Dennis Miller dubbed Sandra Fluke as "Moan of Arc" as he lamented that the liberal activist is "perfectly emblematic of modern women," and that she would be a "perfect Time magazine 'Person of the Year' as he noted that a majority of single women voted to reelect President Barack Obama.

Host Bill O'Reilly brought up the topic of Fluke as he asked the right-leaning comedian about the rumors that she may be chosen as Time's "Person of the Year," leading Miller to respond:

I think she's perfectly emblematic of modern women, and it's sad to say, but single women, that's what's been yielded out by the women's movement. I didn't see that coming. But it would appear helplessness, perpetually being caught in a stasis of a 1968 Virginia Slims ad in a magazine. She's "Moan of Arc." That's the way most women went in this election. I think she'll only agree to accept the cover if they agree to comp her subscription. Seems she's in that business.

He continued:

And you know something? If this is the way gals want to go, like I said, Billy, I got my pod face on. I'm happy for the women. You are women, hear me snore. Everybody makes their pick. I think she'd be a perfect Time magazine "Person of the Year." Nobody more represents current-day America to me than Sandra Fluke.

After the FNC host followed up by asking, "You don't really think most American women want handouts, do you?" Miller added:

I'm just going by that vote, Bill. I mean, it seems to me a lot of people have moved on by the vote. I heard it. The people have spoken. Single women, I think, went 60 percent for this guy. Sandra Fluke helped him do that. Am I to now run to the defense and say, "I guess that's not what single women want"? Billy, it's numbers. I don't fight with math.