DailyKos: Osama Bin Laden Much Like Reagan

September 10th, 2007 12:53 PM

DailyKos.com, the Left's most popular website and a key source of fund-raising for Democrats from coast to coast, says Osama bin Laden and Ronald Reagan have a lot in common:

So is Osama bin Laden truly "evil?" Most people who lost family members at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 would probably consider him to be evil. Was President Ronald Reagan evil? Most residents of Beirut who lost family members when the USS New Jersey rained 2,700 pound Mark 7 shells on residential neighborhoods in 1983 during the Lebanese Civil War probably considered Reagan to have been evil. Bottom line? Bin Laden is no more evil than other revolutionary leaders in other times or even than ordinary national leaders who propel their countries to war for "national honor," or to acquire the resources of others, or even to "do good."

To translate Kos-speak: Osama bin Laden isn't a terrorist, he's a freedom fighter. And Reagan wasn't a freedom fighter - he was a terrorist.

DailyKos' attempt to assert moral equivalence between a terrorist leader who masterminded the slaughter of thousands of innocents while aiding a regime that slaughtered women for showing an angle or wearing lipstick and a former American president whose tireless efforts lead to the freedom of millions from Soviet oppression is disgusting.

The writer of the Kos article then asserts that bin Laden's agenda is "congruent with the neoconservative agenda and the corporatist agenda" of the United States, based on something the writer thinks Osama said in his recent video message. But of course the writer's interpretation of the translation from Arabic could be off. But even it if isn't, to believe bin Laden's agenda really is "congruent with the neoconservative agenda and the corporatist agenda," one must first believe that bin Laden is telling the truth in his video message.

That's the problem with the entire DailyKos analysis of bin Laden's message: It accepts that the words coming out of bin Laden's mouth are truthful words rather than propaganda meant to mislead and misdirect.

DailyKos, it seems, wants to believe that bin Laden is a truthful freedom fighter battling terroristic America. In fact, the piece shows they've fallen for Osama's world view hook, line and sinker.

At the end of the piece the Kos writer asks, "Are we truly stupid?

The question answers itself.

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