Broadcast Journalists Watch in Horror As Texas Protects Its Border

December 21st, 2023 3:22 PM

Broadcast networks are still angry about a bill signed into law Tuesday by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, which empowers state and local law enforcement to arrest and deport illegal aliens.

This is the second round of whining we’ve seen in response to this law; the first bout came when the Texas legislature passed the bill several weeks ago. At that time, the common refrain from talking heads was that the bill necessarily would lead to “racial profiling” and “discrimination.”

Broadcast reporters this week raised that same objection, while also touting pending litigation by outraged open borders advocacy groups (which they described as “civil rights” organizations).



“Immigration rights groups say they are already preparing to file a lawsuit because this encourages racial profiling and encourages migrants to seek asylum,” exclaimed ABC correspondent Mireya Villarreal on the December 19 Good Morning America.

She also described the law as “one of the most aggressive approaches a state has taken” in attempting to curb immigration.

The following day on CBS Mornings, correspondent Omar Villafranca one-upped that characterization: “Many are calling that law one of the harshest anti-immigration laws in the country.” He added ominously: “The punishments would be harsher than federal law.”

That same morning, NBC’s Today brandished sound bites from both the ACLU and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, in which they panned the supposedly racially discriminatory nature of the new law: “It’s gonna open the door to racial profiling.”

On Thursday, ABC’s Good Morning America ran a report detailing all of Governor Abbott’s border enforcement sins. “Texas now flying migrants to Chicago, days after Governor Greg Abbott signed that controversial new law,” co-host Robin Roberts complained.

As always, the American media frame every illegal immigration story as a battle between kindhearted immigration activists and curmudgeonly dinosaurs who, for some unknowable (and probably racist) reason, still think borders should exist.