Coulter Defends Steele, DNC ‘In No Position’ to Complain...With Dems' Past Playboy Parties and All

April 5th, 2010 8:17 PM

Ann Coulter for one has refused to pour gasoline on the Voyeur fire - pledging her full support and offering praise for RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

As Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos so touchingly pointed out to Steele, a few Republican leaders have been publicly highly critical of Steele and according to a "poll of insiders" only 20 percent consider him an asset to the party.

"Everyone seemed to like him and recently it's like story after story after story - is this guy being villainized?" Fox Business Channel's Eric Bolling asked Coulter on the April 5 "Happy Hour."

"I think so, I think he's being attacked because he's very effective," Coulter replied.

She made note how Ken Blackwell had been her original choice for chairman, but said Steele had been more than adequate. "[S]ince Michael Steele got the job, I see him on TV and I think he's very effective on TV. He's smooth, he's cool, he's hip, he always makes solid arguments."

"He was on a plane during this incident at this voyeur club," Coulter reminded Bolling. "But you know the Democrats have the audacity to complain about some low-level staffer doing something stupid by taking ...Young Republican Eagles or whatever to a sleazy club in LA - excuse me! Loretta Sanchez - an actual Democratic Congresswoman who was co-chair of the DNC - had a Democratic gala the Playboy Mansion - which finally had to be cancelled."

"You had Harold Ford when he was a Congressman - memorialized in a very famous commercial - going to a Playboy party after the Super Bowl," she continued. "Democrats are in no position to be complaining about some low-level staffer who has since been fired from the RNC going to this tacky club."

FBN's Bolling then switched topics to the November mid-term elections - and the ramifications of such a diverse, non-partisan group like the Tea Party.

"Let's talk about the Tea Party and its effect on the GOP. Are they going to dilute the conservative vote, and let the Democrats keep both houses?" Bolling asked.

"That is a danger," Coulter acknowledged. "The problem is a lot of the people who are joining Tea Parties haven't been particularly politically active until now but they have been awakened by the Democrats socializing one-sixth of economy, and these endless stimulus bills and bailouts for GM and Chrysler. And so people who haven't been political are getting involved in politics, and they do need some guidance, and they have to stop being told that there's no difference between the Democrat and the Republican Party. The rule of thumb is: there are a lot of bad Republicans, there are no good Democrats."

And as far as the elegant DNC-produced "Health Reform is a BFD" t-shirts? Coulter loves them.

"I do love the t-shirts because they confirm Rahm Emanuel's point that the Democratic base are, well um, I'll paraphrase - f-ing retards. Can you imagine Republicans putting out t-shirts - ‘Go! Contract with America!'?"