Mattera: Media Treat Dems as 'Though They are at a Jonas Brothers Concert'

April 3rd, 2010 3:22 PM

Jason Mattera, author of "Obama Zombies" and newly appointed editor of Human Events, said "members in the media treat leftist politicians as though they are at a Jonas Brothers concert." He also had rather choice words for young Obama supporters stuck in a "brainless slumber" on Fox Business Channel's April 2 broadcast of "Imus in the Morning."

"Somebody about your age - mouthpiece of Franken - is trying to dissuade you from continuing that," host Don Imus noted upon viewing his guest's recent confrontation with Sen. Al Franken.

"Yea, he had his hands all over me like Eric Massa," Mattera joked.

And - in usual politically-correct fashion - he went on to address the devastating consequences that journalists and media bias has on the young generation.

"I just think that we know that members of the lame-stream media aren't gonna grill politicians," Mattera said. "Al Franken, Senator Smalley had no idea what was in the bill - and I'm not gonna sit down and play patty cake with the dude...So I mean I gotta go and confront the dude because we know members in the media treat leftist politicians as though they are at a Jonas Brothers concert. They're just fawning licking the heels of their favorite teen idol."

"I think many young people forgot they were voting for a president, and instead thought they were voting for the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,'" Mattera stated. "They got caught up in the uber-swag cool campaign - the 'Yes We Can' - and now the sizzle has fizzled for many Obama zombies."

The young and rising journalist noted however, that the realities of life under the Obama administration has provided a humbling and sobering experience for young voters - and something Republicans must capitalize on and recapture an entire generation of "zombies."

"I think many Obama zombies are having buyer's remorse because they're living in an Obama economy, but they just can't find any jobs," Mattera continued. "There was such euphoria surrounding Barack during the 2008 election especially with young people - as though the election of this politician would somehow cause iPods to drop from the skies and their student loans would just melt away forever! Like a government unicorn would fly above their apartment and hand out welfare checks on recycled envelopes!"

"Hopefully they're zapped back to reality, because it's not just about elections being lost - it's about losing an entire generation of young people who are not versed in the idea of limited government and free markets."

"So they all got inspired and were enthusiastic...and now have been enormously disappointed, so what do they do the next time around?" Imus asked.

"I wanted to offer an investigative look on how Team Obama really Obamanized the generation," Mattera said in reference to his book. "I think there's a lot of tactics that they did use and employ that could be adopted by the GOP. Unfortunately I-Man...they're just a bunch of idiots - they're spoiled brats, it's that simple...Barack Obama would organize these free Dave Matthews concerts around the country...and they're like 'Sweet bro! Barack hooked me up with Dave Matthews, I'm gonna vote for him! I'm gonna vote for the brotha.' I mean that's all it took - and yet they cancel educated votes from me and you!"