This Is Not a Joke: USA Today Offers ‘Pride Month’ Podcast Recommendations

May 31st, 2017 11:56 AM

The media have consistently demonstrated their nearly monolithic pro-LGBT slant and this week, USA Today’s website used its weekly podcast recommendations to promote LGBT-related content. 

Published under their “ENTERTAiN THiS” section, the May 29 article (and updated May 30) was titled, “Podcast picks ahead of Pride Month.” The piece inquired:

Which pronouns are best? What's the correct terminology?

Even members and allies of the LGBTQ community can worry about misspeaking when it comes to talking about trans issues. So, ahead of Pride Month in June, we're highlighting three podcasts that answer certain basic (and very intimate) questions about queer labels, issues and sex.

The first recommendation was the “‘Asia Kate Dillon’ episode” of the “LGBTQ&A” program. After stating that Dillon “is the first openly gender non-binary actor playing a gender non-binary part” and that Dillon “prefers” the pronoun “their,” the article proceeded to reference Dillon with the related plural pronoun “they.”

This politically correct choose-your-own-pronoun brand of contrived grammar resulted in a rather awkward sentence: “[T]he actor is open to explaining how they feel about the gender they were assigned at birth, and what they think about labels including “transgender,” “genderqueer” and “gender fluid.” also selected the “‘Transgender 101’” episode of a podcast titled “Stuff Mom Never Told You” as its second recommendation, noting that the “episode is the answer to all of the basic questions about trans people you were afraid to ask, from ‘Why you shouldn't say “transgendered’” and ‘What's the deal with “gender identity disorder,”’  to ‘What are the social issues members of the community have faced?’”

The third pick included a stark advisory: “Warning: This podcast contains explicit words about sex.” The show’s “explicit” content is directly accessible within the article because all three recommended shows were embedded within’s piece.

Based on the descriptions provided, none of the podcasts offered a conservative counterpoint to pro-LGBT ideology. 

An article published May 20 (with a May 31 update) also on entitled, “5 things to binge-watch to get ready for Pride Month,” recommended five movies and shows, some of which included Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black and the movie Tangerine.

The article openly gushed when describing the film Carol: “Carol is a stark and stunning film. Directed by Todd Haynes, the period piece about two women having an affair is quiet, beautiful and moving in ways you never expect.” 

The lopsided nature of these articles reflects the overall media landscape where both news and entertainment media have sided with the LGBT lobby against social conservatives. The media’s overwhelmingly left-leaning, one-sided, pro-LGBT track record indicates that they will continue producing pro-LGBT content long after the conclusion of so-called “Pride Month.”