NBC’s LGBT Propaganda Machine Frets About Potential ‘Anti-LGBT Bills’

March 17th, 2017 11:14 AM

NBC’s pro-LGBT propaganda arm, “NBC OUT,” recently published a piece about proposed “anti-LGBT bills” that will supposedly undermine “civil rights.” The article began with the story of “married” homosexual men who “became foster parents to two children, both under the age of 2.” 

The article noted that, “one of the kids currently lives with them” before dramatically stating:

And this July, that child could potentially be taken away from the home, and Mawhiney and Margheim’s lives as parents would change forever.

That's because South Dakota just passed the first anti-LGBT law of 2017, a bill that takes effect in July and allows adoption and foster agencies that receive state funding to turn away families like Mawhiney’s if the agency cites religious objections to LGBT people.

Later the article described some of the other potential legislation: 

While South Dakota’s is the first passed, over 100 bills have been proposed this year that aim to curb the civil rights of LGBT Americans. Dozens of those target children and families primarily.

Four states are considering bills that would allow adoption and foster care agencies to opt out of anything that has to do with LGBT people. Fifteen states have so-called ‘bathroom bills’ on the table, which would prevent transgender kids and teens from being able to access gender-appropriate restrooms, locker rooms, and other sex-segregated facilities at school.

This is a twisted use of the phrase “gender-appropriate.” The most “gender-appropriate” facility for biological boys, regardless of their self-declared gender-identity, is the men’s facility—and for biological girls, the women’s facility represents the most “gender-appropriate” option. The fact that this issue has degenerated into a societal debate illustrates the cultural chasm that has developed as the radical left and the media work to aggressively advance the revolution to redefine gender.

Consider some of the other potential laws mentioned in the article:

In Texas alone, over a dozen pieces of pending legislation target the LGBT community. There are bills that propose allowing student clubs to discriminate and still receive school funds, bills that allow county clerks to opt out of issuing marriage licenses to couples, bills that deny adoption and foster care to same-sex couples, and bills that make it legal for florists and bakers to refuse supplying a gay wedding.

Other bills target access to healthcare — for example, a Texas bill that would allow a school guidance counselor to refuse help to a child who is LGBT or has gay parents.

The article also attacked those who object to LGBT behavior on religious grounds:

Some bills go even further than simply using religion as a guise for circumventing civil rights: At least seven pieces of legislation aim to prevent local cities and towns from passing their own non-discrimination laws. The largest number of bills, says Warbelow, directly target transgender children, teens, and adults.

Liberals and the media inaccurately portray the LGBT agenda as a “civil rights” issue. But LGBT identities are behaviors, not immutable, inborn physical characteristics like skin color. In practice, LGBT “non-discrimination laws” would likely penalize social conservatives who fail to comply with the LGBT lobby’s radical demands for societal transformation. 

The article only quotes pro-LGBT sources:

In a press call Monday, the ACLU’s Eunice Rho said the majority of the legislation hinges on the idea that a person’s religion allows them to discriminate against certain classes of people.

“We're seeing different tactics trying to undermine the rights of LGBT people,” said Rho. “These religious objection bills are the newest trend.”

But this is another fallacy of the liberal worldview—living an LGBT lifestyle (or any one in particular to begin with) does not make someone a member of a special class.

The article concluded by circling back to the story of the homosexual men from South Dakota and taking another jab at religious Americans who oppose the LGBT movement:

But Mawhiney still has hope. Not every child welfare agency worker will try to use faith as an excuse to turn his family away, especially in the midst of an adoption crisis.

“Not every family looks the same, but we all have one thing in common: we put the needs of our kids first,” Mawhiney said. “The people making the laws of South Dakota should do the same.”

Tweets posted by the article’s author (Mary Emily O’Hara) would indicate that she is a lesbian. In one tweet, she advocated for gender-neutral bathrooms and mocked those who oppose them: “Hello from New York, where we manage to politely ignore each other in genderless, multi-stall bathrooms without the world ending.”

She also tweeted to the national press secretary of the Human Rights Campaign: “I was inspired to pitch this project after seeing the vid you shot on your phone. Thank you!” 

The “project” to which O’Hara referred is NBC OUT’s recently published pro-transgender propaganda video titled, “Trans Advocates Share Message of Hope for Trans Youth.”