Fox News Talks About MRC's Worst Quotes of the Year With Genevieve Wood of Daily Signal

January 1st, 2015 8:32 AM

On the December 30 Fox & Friends, they discussed the Media Research Center’s Best Notable Quotables of 2014 with Genevieve Wood, one of our panel of judges and a senior contributor for The Daily Signal.

They discussed CNN anchor Carol Costello winning MRC’s Quote of the Year for enjoying the talk of Bristol Palin being shoved to the ground and man-handled during a barroom brawl.

Wood emphasized “Carol Costello is not a political contributor at CNN, she is a news anchor at CNN. Talk about letting your opinion show through! This was classless and not only did it win the classless award, this particular quote won the Quote of the Year award out of everything that we looked at for being really the worst show of media bias that was out there.”

Wood also discussed CBS anchor Scott Pelley’s lame announcement in February that there weren’t job losses due to Obamacare, just people choosing not to work:

WOOD: How he read that with a straight face, I honestly don't get. I mean, look, we all know what happened here was Obamacare said basically if you work a certain number of hours a week, over 30 something hours, you may end up losing your health care coverage. Employers aren't going to have to provide it. So businesses and a lot of other companies said look,  we're going to reduce worker hours and many workers said, wait. I've got to choose now between getting health care and having a full-time job. So let me go with the health care and sit at home. That's the way it should have been reported. But Scott Pelley and CBS is not the only one guilty of getting this story the wrong way.