Alex Wagner Amazed Not Everyone Finds Redskins Logo Controversial

July 9th, 2015 8:45 AM

What does MSNBC's Alex Wagner have against stately Indian warriors? On today's Morning Joe, Wagner said it was "amazing" that anyone could look at the Washington Redskins logo and name and not find them controversial.

This NewsBuster can understand the debate over the "Redskins" name. But the logo? Has Alex actually had a look at the logo?  Could Wagner be confusing it with the Cleveland Indians'  Chief Wahoo?  Seriously, what could be more stately, grave and dignified than the Redskins logo?  

Oh, and the perfectly-PC Wagner was ever-so-careful to avoid saying "Redskins," laboring instead to refer to the "Washington football team name."

MIKE BARNICLE: In this morning's Washington Post, a federal judge ordered the cancellation of the Redskins trade mark yesterday that upholds an earlier patent ruling that team's name may be disparaging to Native Americans. The team, which has used the controversial name Redskins since the 1930s, is free to continue to use its name and logos under common law rights though it now loses certain protections. The team has vowed to appeal the ruling which won't go into effect until after that process is finished. Your turn.

ALEX WAGNER: I mean, I'm head of the -- if you [CNBC's Brian Sullivan] are the head of the anti-pothole party, I'm head of the anti-Washington football team name party. That's very verbose. It's time! I mean it's amazing that it's still considered it may be -- it may be controversial. Look at the logo! Look at the name. It's the ninth-most valuable sports franchise in the world.  That's why --