Guess Who Said Hillary Email Story 'A Lot Ado About Nothing'?

March 6th, 2015 7:10 PM

Who said the Hillary email story is "a lot ado about nothing": a. Mika Brzezinski; b. Lawrence O'Donnell; or c. Michael Steele?

You'd be forgiven for choosing a. or b., but it turns out that Mika said that the way Hillary handled the matter "wasn't honest" and O'Donnell said that Hillary's email system was set up "to defy" the Freedom of Information Act.  The correct answer is indeed c., Michael Steele. The former chairman of the Republican National Committee said it on today's Ed Show.

For good measure, Steele also claimed that "at the end of the day . . . I don't think [people] do care" about the story. 

Which brings to mind a line from the Shakespearean play whose title, Much Ado About Nothing, Steele slightly mangled: "then is courtesy a turncoat." 

ED SCHULTZ: Michael Steele, do you think people care about this?  You think they care? I can't wait to see our poll tonight [as to whether people care about it.] You better be voting, by the way. 

MICHAEL STEELE: At the end of the day--yeah, I am--in fact, no, I don't think they do care. I think that this is a lot ado about nothing.