Kerry Tells 'Morning Joe' That Islamic State Not Driven By Islam, With No Push Back

September 22nd, 2014 9:19 AM

Could the "Islamic" in "Islamic State" be a clue?  Not for John Kerry.  Appearing on today's Morning Joe, our clueless Secretary of State insisted that what drives ISIS is a "radical, extremist, cultish" philosophy, but not—perish the thought!—a "religious attitude."

Kerry was of course echoing the analysis of that noted theologian, Barack Obama, who two weeks ago declared that ISIS is "not Islamic."  In fairness, Presidents George W. Bush and Clinton have expressed similar sentiments.  For a thorough debunking of the ISIS/Islam-deniers, see here.

So how did Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist push back against Kerry's absurd assertion?  They didn't.

Question for President Obama, Secretary Kerry et al.: how can you defeat an enemy if you do not understand its nature?

WILLIE GEIST: Let's go back to the beginning why we're even having this conversation, Secretary Kerry, is the question of ISIS and the question of how dangerous a threat it really is to the United States and there's been some question. Some have said there is no imminent or direct threat to the United States. How dangerous is this group and have you all seen direct threats to the United States?

JOHN KERRY: This is one of the most dangerous groups that I have seen in my time in public life. Why? Because they have a radical, extremist philosophy cultish attitude. It's not a religious outlook, it's a self-described cult that is evil. They are avowed genocidists. They have already set out to kill Yazidis, to kill Christians, to kill Shia. They have declared enemy anybody who isn't them and who doesn't adopt their way of life .