Men Need Not Apply: Morning Joe Digs Idea of Women-Only Taxi Service

September 9th, 2014 7:24 AM

"Are you an American who's tired of recent-immigrant cab drivers who can't find their way from Grand Central Station to the Empire State Building?  Welcome to Ameri-Rides, the new taxi service for Americans only that guarantees you a native-born American driver!" -- apocryphal ad.

Such a discriminatory concept would rightly be ravaged at Morning Joe and everywhere else in the MSM.  But when Morning Joe today discussed SheRides, a new taxi service that hires only women drivers and accepts only women passengers, all the panel members—Mika, Joe and Willie—dug the idea. The notion is that some women riders feel safer/more comfortable with a woman driver.

The concept might be a good one.  But neither the panel nor the New York Times article that was cited even broached the potential legal or ethical issues raised by SheRides effectively hanging out a "no men need apply" sign or excluding male passengers.  Double standard, anyone?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The New York Times: a new cab service will offer female drivers exclusively for female riders. The service, SheRides is set to roll out across New York City and Westchester county and Long Island beginning next week. The program's founder says the hope is SheRides will make women feel safer in a male-dominated industry. Only 1% of New York City's yellow cab drivers are women.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What do you think of that?  That's a pretty great idea, huh?

BRZEZINSKI: I think it's a good idea. I think it could work. Yes. There's a lot of really great cab drivers out there but every once in a while it's a little nerve-racking.

WILLIE GEIST: Yeah, it gives you the choice at least.