TDS: Univision Omits Critical Portion From Report on 'Melania Tapes'

October 5th, 2020 3:27 PM

Once again, Univision twists an event in order to tell a partial story in a manner which is suited to the continued stoking of racial grievance. This time, with the network's report on the leaked call between First Lady Melania Trump and Stephanie Winston, which was recorded without the First Lady's consent. 

Watch the full report below, which makes reference to controversial statements but leaves out a critical component of the leaked call that was widely reported elsewhere:



ARANTXA LOIZAGA: On that note, secret recordings that a former employee and alleged friend of the First Lady made without her consent have come to light. In them, Melania Trump makes some controversial remarks. Among these, (statements) regarding the conditions of migrant children under the care of the government.

DANAI RIVERO: Melania Trump's recordings have come to light, revealing what the First Lady thinks about the duties she must perform in her current role. She also states strong points of view about children who cross the border from Mexico into the United States.

MELANIA TRUMP:...All these kids that I met that were uh… they are here in the shelters because they were brought by coyotes , the people of trafficking… The kids said wow, I will have my own bed, I would sleep on the bed, I would have my own cabinet with my clothes . It's so sad to hear it, but they didn't have that in their own countries...

RIVERO: The other person that can be heard on the recording is Stephanie Winston Wolcoff, an alleged friend and advisor to the First Lady, who recorded the conversation without Melania's consent.

MELANIA :...They say like ohh, we will be killed by gang members, or, you know, it is so dangerous, so they're allowed to stay here, they are teched by other people what to say…

RIVERO: According to Winston, the recordings were made in 2018, after leaving her job at the White House- part of which she used in order to write her book 'The Rise And Fall Of My Friendship With The First Lady'.  

MELANIA:...I am working like a ... [beep]... [beep]... with the christmas stuff, but you know, who gives a …[beep]... about christmas stuff and decoration, but I got to do it, right? ...

RIVERO: In a statement, The White House responded that secretly recording the First Lady violating the confidentiality agreement in order to publish a book is a clear attempt to showcase her endless exercise of self-pity and narcissism. That's all from me, back to the studio.

Completely missing from Univision's report: the First Lady's anguished retelling of her intervention on behalf of a migrant child. Even Trump-deranged CNN reported that portion of the recording. But immigration is paramount at Univision, and the narrative of a compassionate Melania Trump is too much for a network whose business survival depends on the wholesale trafficking of racial grievance. In sum, Mrs. Orange Man Bad.

Univision instead reported on Trump's retelling of the migrant child's amazement at his or her furnishings, and on her remarks regarding Christmas decorations. These remarks, separate from the portion on the separated family, are far easier to scandalize in furtherance of casting the Trumps as shallow and evil. And as if to further drive the point home, Univision placed a Biden ad immediately after the report.

Univision's report ultimately begs the question, to which we already know the answer: what would this report have looked like if Michelle Obama had said any of these things?

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