Telemundo Climate Activist Determined to Push Personal Agenda on Air

April 12th, 2023 9:56 PM

While Telemundo News plays musical chairs with their news staff shuffling them around (or pulling them off air), one standby and former evening/weekend anchor took full advantage of her chance to fill-in for departed anchor Nacho Lozano of the network’s midday news edition: Vanessa Hauc, the network’s own climate activist who also happens to be the co-founder of ´climate issues´ non-profit Sachamama.

The following video compilation shows the anchor, who leads Telemundo's climate investigative unit Planeta Tierra (Planet Earth), do what she does best: hammer climate panic porn, in this case, over five consecutive newscasts, from April 5th through April 11th, 2023:

VANESSA HAUC: Another deadly day in the country Carlos, it's the third one in three weeks.


And we have to be very alert Carlos, and you have explained it to us again and again; A warmer atmosphere on Earth has an impact on these atmospheric phenomena.


The United States is the country most affected in the world by natural disasters caused by extreme weather.


Climate change is affecting the number of home runs in baseball.


Two studies have just confirmed that the sea level in the Gulf of Mexico is rising faster than previously thought.


This week will see an unusual rise in temperatures from Arizona to New England.


CARLOS ROBLES: We are seeing records not only at sea but also on land, all product of the climate emergency that you very well detail every afternoon on Noticias Telemundo.

Hauc gets to share in the spreading climate porn with the network´s chief meteorologist, Carlos Robles. As such, Robles is expected to support Hauc´s mission of sowing fear in the form of bad weather: tornadoes, hurricanes, rain, snow, winds, storms –even sunshiney days - are now synonymous with impending death and deva$tation.

How can baseball survive when a curveball flails because of the hot weather? (As per that reasoning, it's a miracle that many Hall of Famers at Cooperstown hail from the Tropics). How will the Statue of Liberty stay afloat when the sea level in the Gulf of Mexico is rising? Three tornadoes in a row! When has that ever happened before in the history of mankind?!

Or, as Hauc blurted out with a straight face: “The United States is the country most affected in the world by natural disasters caused by extreme weather.” The reason for that, in her words, is the changing topography. So, countries with bigger expanses, bodies of water and way taller mountains, are somehow ignored by the bad, menacing extreme weather that has chosen the US as the sole space on Earth to beat up.

So much for Hauc´s interest, via her non-profit, to inspire, empower and educate the Latino community on climate issues and sustainability. Her reporting, as we can see, is nothing other than on-air propaganda for a personal agenda.

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