Latino Media IGNORE Memo Confirming Mayorkas KNEW ‘Whipping’ Was Fake

October 14th, 2022 5:25 PM

The very networks that insist on immigration being a top concern for Latino voters (it isn’t), and made a huge deal of the photographs taken of mounted Border Patrol agents holding horse reins while trying to control a group of unruly Haitian migrants crossing the border in 2021, have remained silent about the revelation that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas purposely back-stabbed the agents in order to bolster his own persona following the publication of the images.

It was revealed on Wednesday that, hours before addressing the nation at a White House press conference to condemn the agents, Mayorkas received an email from a DHS public affairs official clarifying that that the photographer had NOT witnessed any “whippings”: rather, from the angles of the photographs, people - and especially the pro-open borders progressives and their lackeys at the media- had misconstrued the facts.

Back in September of 2021, when the incident was blown out of proportion for political gains, the corporate media, mirrored by their Spanish-speaking colleagues, flooded the airwaves with heavy-handed accusations; one anchor at Univision compared the Border Patrol Agents doing their job and trying to control the aggressive group, to “pistoleros” (bandits)

For the record, even after being advised of the truth, Mayorkas stuck to the White House talking points condemning the fake whippings: “To see people treated like they did horses running them over, people being strapped. It’s outrageous!  I promise you those people will pay,” President Biden said at the time while the media applauded.

But now that the incriminating email has been published after reportedly being obtained by the Heritage Foundation through a Freedom of Information Act, the Hispanic media prefer to keep the crucial and inconvenient information from their audiences. While Mayorkas had been alerted that the narrative was FAKE, he went before the cameras and called the images “horrifying” and said that an investigation had been opened into the matter. 

As a result, the Border Patrol agents involved in the controversy faced unpaid suspension and were sent to desk jobs. To date, the DHS Secretary has not offered any explanations, much less apologies. Like always, at the MRC we will be watching.

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