Latino Media HIDE True Nature of Nine-Month Abortion Bill

May 11th, 2022 2:53 PM

The Latino networks, performing in a manner similar to pro-abortion advocacy PACS before a largely conservative audience, chose to say as little as possible about the upcoming Senate vote on the Democrat-led Women's Health Protection Act. Instead, they labeled it as an attempt to codify abortion protections at the federal level, while omitting that it would legalize the abortion of a full-term baby.

Following is the sum of the coverage afforded by the national Spanish-speaking newscasts to the bill that would codify the 1973 Roe v Wade; note that both reports aired solely over the morning talk shows of Telemundo and Univision, on May 11, 2022:



Univision's ¡Despierta América!

ALAN TACHER:  This afternoon, the Senate is holding one of its most important votes in decades to codify abortion rights into federal law. This comes as the Supreme Court threatens to overturn its Roe v. Wade ruling, which guarantees such protection. The bill faces hurdles because Democrats don't have the 60 votes required. That's why Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warns Republicans that they must decide between protecting women or doing away with women's rights.


Telemundo's Un Nuevo Día

REBEKA SMYTH: Senate Democrats will vote in favor of a bill that would make Roe v. Wade a national law, in an attempt to change an eventual Supreme Court decision that gives states the authority to restrict abortion.

MARTIN BERLANGA: The 2022 Women's Health Protection Act would legalize abortion nationwide, replacing legislation passed by states to severely restrict or simply ban the procedure altogether.

At Univision, host Alan Tacher replicated the words of Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, who “warns Republicans that they must decide between protecting women or discarding women's rights.” At Telemundo, it was Martín Berlanga who worried about the “legislation passed by states to severely restrict or simply ban the procedure altogether”.

Missing from both reports on the bill: the wellbeing of the unborn. For example, to justify “the provision of safe, legal, and effective access to abortion where a person's life...when carrying a pregnancy to term would cause substantial pain or suffering … governments must not impose restrictions on abortion which subject women and girls to physical or mental pain or suffering, discriminate against them, arbitrarily interfere with their privacy, or place them at risk of undertaking unsafe abortions.”

Which begs the question: What about the pain and suffering of the child in the womb, a majority of whom are, as per the bill, conceived by people (women) “with low incomes, BIPOC, immigrants, young people, people with disabilities, and those living in rural and other medically underserved areas.”

Far from being a “health disparity due to social, political, and environmental inequities” exacerbated by abortion limitation, this so-called Reproductive Justice has ended the lives of millions of minority babies who make up the vast majority of legal abortions in the United States- and not, as Democrats insist, to ensure “that the full range of reproductive health care is accessible to all who need it.” In Texas alone, for example, 66% of all abortions in 2021 were performed on Black and Hispanic women.

In pursuit of the liberal agenda imposed by corporate interests, both Telemundo and Univision continue to reveal their disconnect with their audiences, who deserve far better.

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