Telemundo Swooned For AOC’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress

September 14th, 2021 5:17 PM

The nation´s Spanish-speaking liberal media do a great job at keeping fatuous Latina congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out of the news. And for good reason, as you will see in the following Telemundo News “interview” captured during her appearance at the red carpet of the $30k-a-plate Met Gala, where she donned a haute-couture gown with a printed message bashing those she was comfortably mingling with.

Observe the red-carpet socialist as she strikes a pose for the cameras in a “Tax the Rich” dress:


ÁNGEL VILLAGÓMEZ, HOY DIA, TELEMUNDO: The most important fashion event in New York known as The Met Gala began to the beat of the Brooklyn United Marching Band, with big celebrities present, and Latinos very well represented.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrived wearing her dress with the phrase "Tax the Rich," asking for taxes to be levied on the rich. Your dress says Tax the Rich, let them tax the rich, and there are many rich people here.


ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ, D-NY: Exactly. That's because that's a conversation we need to have now: support working families.


VILLAGÓMEZ: I report to you that the cost of entry is $30 thousand dollars per person, or you can buy a table for $300 thousand dollars.


ARANXTA LOIZAGA: I liked those, I have to say, concealed political messages, for example that of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, right? That you have to tax the rich.


ADAMARI LÓPEZ: It’s great that this kind of message is brought up into the conversation.

Reporter Ángel Villagómez, reporting live from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York City, asked the former waitress: “Your dress says ´Tax the Rich´, let them tax the rich, and there are many rich people here.” Her answer: “Exactly. That's because that's a conversation we need to have now: support working families.” 

Seriously? A conversation about financial equality comparing the plight of working families, currently burdened with growing inflation, to high-net worth socialites dishing absurd amounts of money to be seen and heard at an elitist gala, exposes both AOC´s insensitivity and lack of respect for those she claims to defend and the sycophancy of a Latino media that is supposed to cover her but instead chooses to worship her.

The irony of her theatrics not only escaped the anchors and reporters of the morning talk shows and midday news editions at both networks, but actually made them gush at her “genius”. In the words of Telemundo anchor Aranxta Loizaga “I liked those, I have to say, concealed political messages'.

In case you wonder how AOC, who earns a $174,000 salary subsidized by taxpayers, was able to dish out $30,000 for a high society event read on. According to a Tweet from the very own AOC, “NYC elected officials are regularly invited to and attend the Met due to our responsibilities in overseeing our city's cultural institutions that serve the public.” How conveniently hypocritical of the so-called socialist AOC.

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