COVER-UP: Latino Nets Distract From Massive Border Crisis

May 20th, 2021 6:50 PM

On Wednesday, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced the closure of two jails for undocumented immigrants holding and as per the official DHS memo, “individuals whose continued detention is needed to achieve our national security, public safety, and border security mission.” However, the prisons were identified on the Latino networks as “detention centers,” and the prisoners were labeled -- in the words of Univision anchor Borja Voces -- not as a threat for national security, but “persons with ongoing immigration processes.”

Two Univision reports on immigration -- and one at Telemundo -- that aired after the “breaking news” of Mayorkas’s decision, were more like public relations informercials than actual news about the immigration crisis. Watch:



NICOLE SUÁREZ: And in a developing news story, the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, has ordered the closing of the Carlos Carreiro Detention Center in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts... this follows the closure of another detention center in Ocilla, in Irwin County, Georgia.


BORJA VOCES: This measure is part of President Biden's plan to reform detention centers that house persons with ongoing immigration processes.


CAROLINA SARASSA: 391, that's the number of migrant children separated during the administration of former President Trump whose parents have not yet been found. Lawyers suspect that the parents or guardians of most of these minors have been deported, and that 14 of them do not even have phone numbers to contact their family.

Just like the mainstream media, the nation's Spanish-speaking nets have banished the crisis at the Southern border from the news. Instead, they are distracting from it by lauding mind-numbing decisions, while pointing the finger at Trump for the Biden Administration's disastrous handling of the ongoing immigration crisis.

When speaking of unaccompanied minors, they revert to their Trump-era style, talking about children “whose parents have not yet been found.” Nothing was said about the thousands of children crossing the border since Biden was sworn in on January 20, the ongoing deportation of the parents of unaccompanied minors, the human trafficking going on, or the massive amounts of drugs being intercepted by the Border Patrol at the border. A quick look at the media newsroom page on the BP website revealed the free-for-all happening at the Southern border.

Yet, the audiences at Telemundo and Univision get served biased, half-truths, or rather, the latest DNC talking points for news.

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