Telemundo Whines About ‘Double Standards’ But Are Blind to Their Own

January 8th, 2021 6:34 PM

The Hispanic media's double standards – when reporting about “double standards” – shone through at Telemundo News, where anchor Jose Diaz-Balart sanctified last summer´s BLM-Antifa riots, and demonized both the Capital Police and National Guard in Washington, D.C., in a report that echoed the liberal talking points featured yesterday on ALL of the liberal news outlets.

For Díaz-Balart, who blurted out the same racism angle pronounced by Joe Biden and featured over its sister network, NBC, it all boiled down to how security protected President Donald Trump when he stood with a bible in front of a DC church, while attacking innocent BLM and Antifa peaceful protesters only because they were Black and Latino (a fallacy in itself as image after image shows that most of the BLM and Antifa rioters are White).

Watch as Telemundo goes on full-blast DNC publicity mode:



JOSE DIAZ-BALART: Many are comparing the response of security forces to the assault here at the Capitol with last year´s protests against racism and police brutality. Images like this, where a mob of President Trump followers burst into the Capitol, with the police doing little to prevent  their advance. Or this one, where National Guard troops are seen in line without doing  ANYTHING. They contrast with the behavior of the police in other protests such as the one in this same city last June, where protesters were harshly repressed with tear gas and rubber bullets, only so that the president could take a picture with a bible in front of a church across the street from the White House. Activists and citizens are denouncing that double standard of security forces and wonder what would have happened if most of the assailants here, at the Capitol, had been Latinos or Blacks. Guadalupe  Venegas is with us. Guadalupe, even Joe  Biden has commented.

GUADALUPE VENEGAS: Jose, today the president-elect himself, Joe Biden, compared the treatment that Black Lives Matter protesters received last year to what was observed yesterday in the capital.

BIDEN: If that would have been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday.

VENEGAS: “No one can tell me that if they had been people from the BLM group protesting,  they would not have been treated differently than we saw yesterday,” President-elect Joe Biden said  this  afternoon.  

FELIPE BENITEZ: Here we saw that security forces were taking selfies with terrorists who attacked our democracy.

VENEGAS: The absence of the national guard may have been serious.

VICENTE GONZALEZ, (D-TX): Definitely, when the Back Lives Matter protest came to the capitol we had, umm, a much larger security show of force.

VENEGAS: These images show  an officer  trying to drive the protesters away using his baton, while in this video, security officers retire after being threatened and outnumbered. Meanwhile,  the world today reacts to images of the assault on the Capitol.

ARTURO VARGAS: The  world was aware of the racism that exists in the United States.

VENEGAS: Between Wednesday afternoon and this morning, Washington Metropolitan Police reported the arrest of 62 people compared to the 269 arrests made by the same department on June 1, 2019 (sic) when BLM protests arrived in the capital. Guadalupe Venegas, Telemundo News.

Seldom do you see a report that debunks itself, but you do here. The footage displaying the Capitol Police officers being overwhelmed blows Díaz-Balart’s racial double-standard narrative into a million pieces. It is also interesting that the video clip correspondent Arturo Venegas selects to bolster his statement that “the world today reacts to images of the assault on the Capitol” is sorely lacking world leaders but does spotlight a Joe Biden supporter, Arturo Vargas who heads the National Organization of Latino Elected Officials. You’ll recall Venegas from his softball interview of Senator Bernie Sanders (apologies to softballs), covered here.

Worst of all, Telemundo, along with the rest of the liberal media – both Spanish-speaking and mainstream – played on their own double standard, antagonizing conservatives and pushing fantasized versions of the truth for facts.

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