Univision BURIES Report on Hunter Biden Scandal Within Another Story

October 20th, 2020 6:25 PM

Univision finally reported the scandal involving Joe Biden's son Hunter, five days after the story initially broke and buried it within its late-night newscast. What’s worse, the story was tucked away within an unrelated report on President Donald Trump’s rally in Tucson, Arizona.

The report – to no one's surprise – downplayed the damaging news for the Biden campaign, focusing instead on how President Donald Trump “mocked the Democrats' attempts to argue that the computer containing harmful emails to his campaign was obtained with help from Russia.”

Watch how Univision News's initial report on the latest Hunter Biden scandal is seeded with exculpatory wording like “supposedly”, “alleged”, and “allegations”, which the former Vice President “has denied … and is now concentrating to prepare for the third and final presidential debate.”



GALO ARELLANO: He used most of his speech in Tucson, to attack his opponent, Joe Biden.

DONALD TRUMP: We think the laptop was made by Russia

ARELLANO: He mocked the Democrats' attempts to argue that the computer, which contains emails that hurt their campaign, was obtained with help from Russia. In these emails, it would supposedly be confirmed that Biden was associated with his son Hunter's alleged shady business with a natural gas company in Ukraine. The former vice president has denied these allegations and is now focused on preparing for the third and final presidential debate, which will take place Thursday in Tennessee.

By the way, Joe Biden's running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, was in Jacksonville, Florida today, where she said that social justice is on the ballot. Patricia.

Missing from Univision’s half-baked effort after five days of suppression: the details of the damning New York Post story, such as the personal computer he left behind unclaimed at a repair shop with a treasure trove of incriminating information for both him and the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate. To date, Univision has still not reported on the social media censorship campaign waged against The New York Post for reporting this bombshell.

The very last comment by reporter Galo Arellano, while seemingly a “BTW”, in fact sumps up the report's bottom line: social justice is in play if you don't vote for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Five days to report a damaging scandal for the liberal candidate Univision openly supports and, when they did so, they only confirmed that it had nothing more than a PAC with a broadcast signal.

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