Univision Literally Covered Deceased Jewish Protester As ‘Man Who Hit His Head On The Ground’

November 16th, 2023 11:40 PM

The Acela Media “media journalist” class are in high dudgeon over supposed editorial shifts at Univision. The network’s report on the arrest of the man suspected in the death of pro-Israel protester Paul Kessler stands as proof evident that they know nothing.

I submit to you Univision’s coverage of the arrest of Loay Alnaji, in all its glory:

JORGE RAMOS: In California, police arrested a 50 year old man as a suspect in the involuntary homicide of a Jewish protester last month. Paul Kessler, aged 69, fell on the ground and fatally hit his head during an altercation with pro-Palestinian protesters.

There is no detailed mention of the circumstances of Kessler’s death (fall caused by megaphone impact) or of Alnaji’s status as a college professor (double protected class). Univision LITERALLY did 14 seconds of “man who hit his head on the ground”, and hurriedly moved on to the next story. 

I understand. I truly understand. Any more time on Kessler might’ve cut into stories such as the two-day cycle Univision devoted to the dead Mexican nonbinary magistrate.

These are the editorial standards that the chattering classes so staunchly defend while clutching their pearls over the Donald Trump interview. An editorial shift at Univision, a REAL one, can’t come soon enough. 

May Paul Kessler’s memory be a blessing.