Univision Anchor Delivers Subtle Anti-Israel Propaganda

October 31st, 2023 7:19 PM

The initial shock of the atrocities committed by Hamas seems to have worn off at Univision, and the network has now reverted to lazy parroting of pro-Hamas propaganda.

Watch this report, as aired in its entirety on Univision’s midday Edición Digital newscast on Tuesday, October 31st, 2023: 

BORJA VOCES: And as the conflict in Gaza intensifies, it is unfortunately children -infants- who pay the highest price. We want to show you these figures so you can understand the magnitude of what the Gaza Strip is going through. In the past three weeks, six times as many children have died in Gaza as have died in the last 18 months of war in Ukraine. In the three weeks of conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas, nearly 3200 children have died in Gaza, 33 children have died in the West Bank and 29 children have died in Israel. According to Save The Children, the death toll of minors in the Gaza Strip is greater than the number of children that have died in armed conflicts in any other part of the world in just one year. This, family, is the drama of war and violence. Tell me, what fault do those children have?  

Voces is correct in asserting that children in Gaza are at risk. But there is no such expressed concern for the children held as prisoners in Gaza, let alone those beheaded or burned alive as a result of the barbarism of Hamas. 

Also note the subtle framing of Gaza as equivalent to Ukraine within the context of this conflict. Viewers are steered into inferring that Israel is a violent invader, as opposed to a nation defending themselves from a heinous terrorist attack.

The mention of Hamas as a terrorist organization, while accurate, seemed to be a pro forma afterthought- a throwaway line uttered as quickly as possible so as to keep the teleprompter moving.

Univision’s midday newscast has been a consistent font of disinformation, left-wing propaganda, and general nonsense. Barring major editorial change, we can add terror propagandists to that list.