Telemundo: Texas' Election-Security Law Is Just Like Brutal Communist Cuba Repression

July 18th, 2021 3:17 PM

The popular uprising against Cuba’s totalitarian communist dictatorship has been a source of bad media takes and dopey whataboutism, but Telemundo’s morning anchor raced to the top of the fetid pile with his use of the SOS Cuba protests as an instrument with which to bash Republicans over Texas’ election security legislation.

Watch as Nacho Lozano bizarrely links the two on morning show Hoy Día, and take note of which Republicans’ tweets are on display as he goes on his rant:

NACHO LOZANO, TELEMUNDO: In Cuba, they cannot vote for their employees in government. Yes, because administrators, public servants, are elected at the polls. That is- those who attain office in order to serve their bosses- which are the voters. In Cuba, it’s the other way around. Which, by the way, Republican legislators in the U.S. were recently condemning restrictions on the island (of Cuba)- and I remembered the legislation that seeks to restrict (voting rights) in Texas as well as in a dozen states, but well...that’s a whole other ball of restrictive wax.  

Lozano vomits up his take in the midst of an on-air editorial in favor of Cuba’s fight for freedom. But corporate media doesn’t pass up an opportunity to take shots at Republicans, even if it means doing so on the backs of bloodied Cubans. To make matters worse, the tweets displayed on-air are those of U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Through a series of editorial decisions, Telemundo saw fit to subconsciously attach Rubio and Cruz to Cuba's communist dictatorship for the sake of a cheap and disinformative dunk on the Texas election security law, which can only be considered “restrictive” if you make emergency pandemic measures (such as drive-through voting in Harris County, TX) the benchmark as opposed to the LAW currently on the books.

The segment further proves that there is no greater disseminator of Spanish-language disinformation than U.S. Latino corporate media. The cheap comparison of Texas’ election legislation to Cuba’s brutal communist dictatorship adds insult to tone-deaf injury. 

This disgusting bit of election disinformation was brought to you by Target. Click the link and let them know what you think.